Bella The Pup Loves Her Chair…

Do dogs have a favorite chair?

I think our Bella does

My what BIG nose you have!

Woof Woof!


4 responses to “Bella The Pup Loves Her Chair…

  1. Riley the Wonder Lab has a favorite spot….on the couch next to ME….covered up with her favorite blankie!

  2. Oh Patty, that chewing problem could be costly. Our pug Gryphon was diagnosed with ‘dietary indiscretion” by the MSU vets when we took him up there for an emergency visit. He’d eaten the nub-end off of a flexible chew bone and it got stuck. He wasn’t eating/drinking and became dehydrated. They had to put him on an I.V. to rehydrate. It saved his life..and cost us $700. But that’s not as bad as my sister-in-law’s golden retriever….he got sick and vet found a pot scrubby and tennis ball in his gut; $1700 worth of surgery. Beware the indiscriminate dog!!

    • Laura, thanks for that info – if I ever notice Bella not eating/drinking I’ll remember this. Reason being, she IS a chewy kindof dog… she’s almost 2, and has been a chewer since little pup. Thank goodness she doesnt go after furniture (except one lone time at the couch skirt) , or stuff like windows/doors/drywall, but she LOVES paper (toilet paper/paper towel) and clothing items that smell like us. When shes really bored, and the kids are near, she’ll wander off and grab crazy things like a plastic dust pan and buzz right through it. And speaking of pot scrubbies, she recently chowed a hole in my nice hot pad in the kitchen. She leaves all the pieces laying on the floor, but Im sure some of that is being ingested. Do they grow out of this?

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