You Know, It’s Sunday… Thanks and Praise

My daughter tells me today that a girl at her school committed suicide this weekend…  I feel really bad for her family,  a tragedy to say the least.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing Mark and I with two beautiful children…

Thank you for giving Mark a new beginning.  This was week one with his new employer.   God has perfect timing, never early or never late.

 Who says ‘Praise Jesus!’ in a dental chair?   I have a long history of complex dental issues, and the last 2 days were filled with killer tooth pain…. it ended Saturday morning at an emergency DDS visit  where Dr. Tooth told me I needed a root canal.    Whoo hoo!!  Only a root canal!!

It’s Sunday afternoon and I just heard my husband say to Nick,

I’ll start dinner in a few minutes…

And did I mention he took a list and went grocery shopping today?

The last couple months have been really crazy for me, trying to figure out how to get it all done… and there is SO much to get done.  I like to have control of everything,  and NOT being in control really overwhelms me.  Of course the urge to put things off doesn’t help either…

But how can I complain? I am so thankful that people look to me for help, that people trust me to create beauty in their world…

God abundantly blesses all of us, we just need to open our eyes

Blessed is a person who understands the reason for praying isn’t to have all they want, but to thank God for all they have been given.
Daily God Sayings

2 responses to “You Know, It’s Sunday… Thanks and Praise

  1. Oh Patty, you are such a blessing! You inspire me daily! I am so happy for the good things that are happening with your family. Moving and starting new jobs are two very stressful things and my family is in the same boat right now. I am a control freak and sometimes I just have to step back and “let go and let God” take over.

    • Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts Sarah – I remember you are in same boat as well! Read this today – “If God is your Co-Pilot, switch seats!”

      AMEN!!!!! Have a great week.

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