Caromal Reclaim Paint And Extra Topcoat…

Lane had first asked me about her tambour appliance garage door- she was worried about how the Caromal paints would work over it.

I had suggested

hmmmm….. what color are you thinking? are you looking for a solid, clean update where you distress no edges etc? im thinking, if you did, say, black, and distressed edges here and there to reveal your (im assuming oak) wood color underneath, how about then on your ‘garage’ just lightly dry brushing? you could even do that with all the other colors as well – keep your brush pretty dry – so that its not loaded with paint and I’d make an effort to keep the paint out of the grooves- -updated to same paint color, but lesser coverage, i think that would look cool – not painted the same like everything else. however, if you ‘re going for a solid painted, clean look, then it might look kindof 1/2 done if you keep its coverage light…..

Last week she came back to visit –

Hi Patty! I received my RECLAIM order and started painting my kitchen cabinets. I’m just GIDDY!! This stuff is AMAZING! I’m surprised I don’t have a sore neck from shaking my head in disbelief. The only thing that’s “hard” about using this product is waiting for it to dry….because you just want to keep going and going!!! I think I’ll actually be bummed when I’m all done! :)

Your suggestions about the tambour door on the appliance garage were spot-on and it looks awesome! 

I have one question about applying a poly top coat. I’ve read your posts suggesting MinWax Rub On Poly, waiting 4 days to apply and doing 3-4 coats, but do I also have to rub the base of the cabinets…or could I get away with just the coating the door and drawer panels?

Thanks for your help….I’ll soon be looking to try more of Caromal Colours products on my ever-growing list of things to paint!

Deb also asks,

Patty,  I know the REclaim has a finisher in it but the dresser I did will need some extra protection.  When can I apply the wipe on poly? It said to avoid water for 3-5 days and let cure for 30 days.  Do I need to wait until it is finished curing?  Thanks Deb

The Reclaim paint has a built in sealer, which gives it durability in itself when it’s cured.   For those jobs where you’d like to add extra protection, you can use any of your favorite topcoats.

Of course, you’d want to wait 3-5 days for your paint finish to be nice and dry before applying that topcoat – just like you’d wait to apply a glaze.  You do not have to wait 30 days.  I usually tell people to wait 4-5 days – if you are impatient and want to try at 3 days, try it in an inconspicuous spot. I had a set of doors that I tried to glaze at day 3, and they started to gum up a little.  I stopped and waited a couple days more and they were fine.

As far as applying a Wipe-on Poly to kitchen cabs for extra protection, do you have to wipe it on everything?  I’d say no – not like the bases and trimmings would need extra protection, but you might notice a slight sheen difference.  If thats the case, then I’d apply it to the doors, drawers and side panels – the surfaces you see.   I wouldn’t apply it to the inside of the doors either.

Hope this helps!


 SHOP.FABFINISHER.COM   for all of your Caromal needs  – including perfect 8 ounce samplers of the Textured Basecoats, Reclaim, and Metallic Paints – a great way to experiment with color combinations!


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