Decorating A Foyer Medallion…

A before

First a primer base

now make it gold

It looked cool that evening I left

but more to come.  Starting to glaze this pretty thing


Not so fast…  there was this thing called a SEAM…  you can see it here (click it)

I learned a lesson on this job.  I won”t start over an imperfection again – some things we can make go away with paint techniques, but not a structural defect.

The painter repaired the seam, then re-basecoated it for me.  Then I came back and goldened it once again…

then glazed once more.     Beautiful!


8 responses to “Decorating A Foyer Medallion…

  1. Deborah Le Roux

    the most beautiful medallion! You do beautiful work. I must sign up for more of your classes. What hours are your store open.

    Deb Le Roux

  2. What brand paint did you use to do this???? It’s gorgeous!!!!!

    • I think this one was Modern Masters Antique Bronze on the trim and medallion center, and Pale Gold on the flat surface. Usually I overglaze with Mastercreme and tints or cut with Stain and Seal stains – gives a nice antique to the finish.

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