You Know, It’s Sunday… Trusting God

Got my book this week

(from the back cover)

A Girlfriends in God Faith Adventure

Authors and friends, Sharon Jaynes, Gwen Smith and Mary Southerland explore what “Just trust me” entails. Words so often heard in movies just before something bad happens. And yet, God asks us to trust Him.

In a culture where taking control of our own lives is urged, trusting God has become a religious platitude rather than a life-changing attitude. So what does trusting God really look like?

Sharon, Gwen, and Mary – the Girlfriends in God team – come from different backgrounds but have all individually wrestled with weighty issue.  And in Trusting God, they bring their combined experiences and biblical knowledge into one place.  Whatever you’re struggling with, they can relate and have probably been there themselves.

In this book you’ll find:

– A unique 12-week devotional study

– A Bible-study guide and journal page at the end of each week’s study

– The flexibility to study on your own or with girlfriends… or both.

I ‘ve been a follower of GIG for awhile now, and I really like reading their online devotions.    If you need some winter reading, check it out!



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