Can The Basecoat Show Through When Painting With Caromal Paints?

Malena asks,

So when painting cabinets, it’s okay if some base shows through? I was worried two coats wasn’t enough. But I’m guessing after using glaze, it just adds to the antiquing?

I replied

Sure, you can have some of the base still showing through, or you can paint another layer or paint over those ‘lighter’ areas until you get full coverage – thats the beauty, its totally up to you.

If you dont do a solid coverage of paint, and sand back and glaze, you will achieve a more aged antiqued look.

When I use any of the colors, I might see some base coming through as I apply layer 1 – I could leave it that way, or apply 1 more coat for a solid finish. When I use the white or offwhite over a darker base my first coat is always uneven, and the second coat (if I apply on the thinner side)  can also leave some hints of base transferring through. I usually do one last brush over those areas for an even finish.

If  you’re using the Textured Basecoat paints and brushing them out (not mooshing) :

Layer 1 of Parchment color textured basecoat will look something like this –

brushing it thin leaves alot of base exposure, but it covers as you continue-

Wait a couple hours to dry, then  Brushing on layer 2 –

I like to scrub in layer 2 – really get it in those grooves,

scrubbing, but then always brushing it out in an up and down manner, even wetting my brush tips with water and brushing that in to help smooth it all out

If  you’re using the Reclaim paints:

then your first coat of White colored Reclaim will look something like this

After layer 2 it will resemble this

With the White over darker wood you might have a few areas that are lighter, like bottom right of this cabbie door, that show up once the layer is dry –

If I want solid coverage, two coats usually does it – sometimes I’ll have to take one more swipe at a spot that looks light , other times it looks good after the first coat – no way to really know until you start.

The beauty in painting with Caromal paints?  There really aren’t any rules, except that you start with a clean surface.  Use it your way,  create the look you want – base showing/no base showing  –  and when you like it?  You’re done!


 SHOP.FABFINISHER.COM   for all of your Caromal needs  – including perfect 8 ounce samplers of the Textured Basecoats, Reclaim, and Metallic Paints – a great way to experiment with color combinations!


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