An Old Style Dining Hutch Goes Metallic…

It started as this, I loved it because it was so small but complete, compared to massive furniture now a day…

I first basecoated with Caromal Colours basecoat Chocolate, stippling it on, then topped that off with Modern Masters Champagne.  When dry I sanded with a mouse sander to reveal the texture

then brushed on the Caromal Toner and wiped it off

love this

From Brady Bunch to pretty nice!


5 responses to “An Old Style Dining Hutch Goes Metallic…

  1. Gorgous! This is exactly what I want to do on a old credensa. I like the metalics. I am over thinking too much and wish I had a store like Patty’s to go to workshops. Colors on the computer are making me scared to actually make a color choice.

    • Kelly, order a couple samples then – just email me what you’d like to see and I can do them for you – this finish in person is eye catching – it will go in any room and be a lovely focal point – don’t be afraid!!!! the only thing you might choose different would be to have more silver in it, as opposed to this champagne color- but both are rich and lovely with the toner over it…

  2. I love this finish. I just got my goodie box in the mail today and can’t wait to get started. I am going to re do a dresser that I bought at an auction. It just seems like the perfect thing for this. i’ll take pics and share them and am definitely will post them on my blog
    I’m so impressed with the ease of ordering and how fast my paint got here. Simple with paypal and I forgot what day I ordered but it seemed like it was here overnight! It was no later than second day. Now it is time to get busy!!!!!!!!!!

    • thanks Jackie 🙂 have fun painting, and give me a shout if you have any questions- or even quicker, if you text me on my 313 cell number – I can often answer those immediately! Your website is lovely, I can’t wait to follow along with your painting progress –

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