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Ash Showroom March Madness Sale

Ash is running their Spring sale, March Madness – drop in and check it out!


Pretty Bathroom Accents…

A lovely crystal faucet on a  swanky sink…

So sparkly

Crystals dress up whatever they touch

finished off with a silver leaf vanity…

All photos compliments of Lineatre

You Know, It’s Sunday… Take Up Your Cross…

I like reading inspiration from Max Lucado –  it’s typically ‘real life’ oriented…

…We each have our own cross to carry—our individual calling. Discover your God-designed task. It fits. It matches your passions and enlists your gifts and talents. Want to blow the cloud cover off your gray day? Accept God’s direction.

In what directions has God taken you? 
What needs has God revealed to you? 
What abilities has God given to you?

Direction. Need. Ability. Your spiritual DNA. You at your best. You and your cross.

While none of us is called to carry the sin of the world (Jesus did that), all of us can carry a burden for the world.

Check your vital signs. Something stirs you. Some call brings energy to your voice, conviction to your face, and direction to your step. Isolate and embrace it. Nothing gives a day a greater chance than a good wallop of passion.

What is God’s plan for me?  We are facing hurdles –  where to live (owner wants to sell) ,   where to do business (agggrgh, landlord wants to sell) ….  husband not sure where he’ll his job will take him….    HUH?  What IS God’s plan for us?

No clue.  But I think my responsibility is to have complete faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ – that He is the driver of my family’s future, and that He has our back…

Diane Transforms Bathroom Cabinets and Formica With Caromal…

Diane decided to update her guest bath…

She stopped by the store to check out colors/texture, and decided on Caromal Colours textured basecoat paint in Mustard, toned….  with a little bit of stipple texture

We looked at combo’s of black and mustard for future furniture projects as well…

I know,  some of you will shudder and think

oh,  but its not SMOOTH!  What about resale?  What about when I tire of it?  What will others think?

and my answer would be,


It’s not factory sprayed?   Good!  The finish Diane created looks better than factory sprayed.     Think outside the box,  add interest, try something new and fresh…   To see it is to believe it – folks stopping by my store comment on the finishes – the uniqueness…   they’re DRAWN to them.

You can create like finishes, on your own cabinets and furniture –  what’s stopping you?

Did you also catch that white counter that went away?  How convenient!  How affordable….

Two coats Textured Basecoat Peppercorn (black) whizz rolled on,  then light sand, then some awesome Krylon Webbing (in a can) for authentic veins, topped coated, of course, for durability…

Scroll back up to that before photo,  then stare at that cabinet or counter or piece of furniture that doesn’t work for you anymore…

What’s it gonna be?

You can find all of the above at my store – be sure to book mark it, and note my coupon codes  PattyH for $2 off shipping and PattyH5 for 5 off shipping.


Head to my store   SHOP.FABFINISHER.COM   for all of your Caromal needs  – including perfect 8 ounce samplers of the Textured Basecoats,  – a great way to experiment with color combinations!