Oh, The Furniture You Can Refinish With Caromal Colour Paints…

I  have so many photos trapped on my camera disk  of play times with Caromal paints –  it’s time to share  some of them.

An inspiration of sort

Textured basecoat Peppercorn (black) with a metallic warm silver zebra stencil

Wasn’t this a a brilliant idea, designing a bench to transform into a table?

Other paints claim to be the best DIY paints on the market…. pssshhh

Maybe they haven’t tried these paints 🙂

Layering colors –  textured basecoat mix of Colonial  Blue/Parchment over a base layer of Wisteria (white) ,  and a walnut wax over the top to age and seal

You will NOT find a more durable DIY paint on the market

This coffee table was painted with textured basecoat Wisteria on the lower section, sanded back to a pretty weathered look

then a pretty mix of several textured basecoat colors, brushed on at the same time- Parchment, Bayberry,   Putty and Colonial Blue…

I tried to create a similar look to this  Ballard Design table

Not bad for one playful layer of brushed on paints,  caressed with Mr. Mouse Sander,  then topped with Liberon Walnut wax.     Does that sound easy to you?

  It was.

This was a typical oak coffee table that needed a new purpose in life.   First layer was textured basecoat Peppercorn,  sanded back for a distressed look,  then I used Paprika through a checker stencil.

I stenciled the other half of the table with textured basecoat Parchment, then gave the whole top a coat of Liberon Medium Oak wax to age and seal

It’s so easy to stencil with these basecoats –   they are thick enough that there’s no worry for bleed, and no need for adhesive,  just use a light hand.

Use it thick  or brush it thin,  drag it on with another color, stipple it to create some yummy leather texture…   there IS no other paint more versatile than the Caromal Colour texture basecoats.

This dresser (left) was in great condition – just not real pretty.

I dressed it up brushing on a few coats of textured basecoat Parchment, then sanded with Mr. Mouse

I painted right over the hardware this time – these paints bond to metal so it was a great way to update old hardware that I’d never have found a replacement for.

The cool, unexpected, was the paint reacted w/the metal of the hardware and oxidized (I think thats how you describe it) so the color changed to a light blueish greenish creme.

I  wanted this piece to stay light, so I opted out of any Toner or Glaze or tinted waxes.  But I did use the Toner to lay a soft allover stencil on the top and sides.  While stenciling in the Toner I also swirled in a hint of an aqua washed tint to tie in the pretty oxidized handles

A clear coat of Liberon Neutral Wax (clear) to seal and add sheen, and crystal knobs to complete the look

All these furniture pieces are living in my studio showroom, examples/visuals  for customers  that enter…

See what you can do with a brush and some Caromal paints?

Of course everything is available for purchase as well 🙂    The prices are quite reasonable, and if you pick up this month’s Instant Savings Magazine

you’ll find a bonus $50 coupon off a furniture/accessory purchase

Come in and get inspired to paint something of your own.   Better yet,  bring the piece here, every last Saturday of the month, and spend the day creating your own beautiful finish!

Oh the things you can do….


6 responses to “Oh, The Furniture You Can Refinish With Caromal Colour Paints…

  1. We are in the refinishing business here in Houston, TX. At this time we only refinish door, but looking for a bigger office that has a shop. In the past we refinished piano’s. We hope to do that again along with some furniture pieces. I enjoyed looking through your site.

    • I bet you see some beautiful doors , I’d love to be able to Refinish peoples doors in really cool artist ways – I have 2 done at the studio (need to post those still) – but I dont think that will ever come to fruition…

      Refinishing pianos – wow! Furniture is real satisfying – I’m so used to creating on walls and ceilings that a solo piece of furniture is quite gratifying – quicker and easier to change 🙂

      Good luck to you!

    • and your door transformations are beautiful!

  2. Thanks for this post Patty, you have inspired me to dust off some of my Textured Basecoat jars and use them on some of the signs I am doing.
    I never thought to use them for this & I have to admit my other half keeps saying to me “why don’t you use that textured stuff”
    We actually painted our ugly range hood in the kitchen with TBC white and I stenciled a swirl in Parchment.


  3. dear patty,

    the store looks amazing! how far you have come. you are fantastic and an inspiration.

    your work makes me giddy with excitement. anything can be transformed
    i’m so proud of you!

    carol kemery
    Caromal Colours

    • *blush*

      that’s huge, coming from the owner and creator 🙂 Seriously, Carol, your paints have taken me to a whole different level of creating, and now I’m able to inspire and empower others – I could never have accomplished what I’ve accomplished thus far without Caromal Paints, and the support from you and Al.

      CARRY ON, I can’t wait to see where this ride takes us!

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