A Shop Table Gets Aurastoned…

These are awsome shop tables that Steve Lochiorco built for me – two in a row for painting on

and one more that I wanted to use more for gathering

I decided to create a finish on it, then use the Aurastone epoxy over top.  I kindof created as I went along – I first painted the table with Reclaim Mocha, then applied a crackle size, then troweled Venetian Gem’s brown and blue, then waited for it to crack…

then antiqued it with Caromal Colours Toner

then troweled on a layer of Weathered Bronze Lusterstone, then took a fat roller that had circles all over it (textural) and rolled that over the whole thing, adding in more Weathered Bronze and a little Sage

then I sprinkled across the wet plaster with some verdigris tamise flakes (patina’d gold leaf pieces),  then knocked it all down with my trowel

then I mixed up the epoxy I had left and poured – I used about 2/3 of a 1/2 gallon of epoxy and it wasn’t enough.  It didn’t even drip over the edges…

It needs another pour to smooth out the finish and to get the edges…. I’m not looking forward to taping it all off again, plus I’m out of epoxy, so it will probably stay this way for awhile!

I’ve had a number inquires about the Aurastone recently.  I do not sell the products –  it is not DIY without training and instruction, and I’m not set up to train for them.   If you are interested in learning the application, you will need to head here to read about product history and training locations.

I can only do it for you, and I have chosen to limit my application to furniture surfaces only.   I love the Aurastone – it’s an artisan’s dream come true – but it’s labor intensive, and the materials are expensive.


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