Plain Salon Tables Go Dimensionally Black and Blue (and Silver)

I met Gwen recently,  she owns The Cutting Point Salon in Washington Township.   She stopped by the store and loved the warmth of the furniture finishes in the showroom.  She had 4 perfect sized tables (3 black, 1 red)  for her blow dry stations, but in updating her Salon’s decor, the tables no longer worked.  Time for a makeover

First I brushed one coat of Reclaim Licorice on the red one, to turn it black…

Stool rungs suck…   I like working on things that I can kick out quickly, and stools aren’t one of them….

Now that it’s black like the other three,   time to get artsy

I use the Caromal Colours textured basecoat paints Peppercorn (black) and Colonial Blue, dragging first the black, then the blue, to create a dimensional stried organic texture…

When that dries, I dry brush in a little Modern Masters Warm Silver for a highlight, sand a little to get rid of any crispy feeling

and then topcoat with Min wax Wipe-on Poly

That week  I stumbled on these 2 metal frames

and decided to surprise Gwen…  I dragged the textured basecoats over the frames as well…   Peppercorn first

then the blue, then a little warm silver….

I used a stencil and the textured basecoat paint to stencil words right on the outside glass – then behind it I painted the warm silver for the perfect backdrop

I think a hair salon could use these somewhere, don’t you think?

Love Gwen, her husband’s a nice guy too  – her salon was hopping when I was in there …  Stop by and check it out!

Cutting Point Salon On Campground between 27 and 28 Mile


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