Sandy Caromal Colours Her Tired Brick Fireplace…

We hadn’t used the fireplace in years...

Sandy and I met a few months ago.   She was interested in using the Caromal Colour paints on her family room fireplace.   She lives a couple hours south of here but wanted to come visit for hands on instruction before starting her painting project.

She came for an hour, we played with paint and looked at color combinations that would be right for her decor.    I heard back from her after that,  one of the combo’s was perfect for the mantle-  Peppercorn over Putty –  and she decided on the Parchment basecoat for the bricks.

Fast forward a few months, and I receive the BEST kind of emails I can receive – the ones that say something like this

Hi Patty,     Here are before and after photos of my fireplace. Really pleased with how it turned out.  Thanks for your help.   Sandy

I love sharing before and after photos…   it’s the easiest way for me to inspire and empower others –  you CAN change, dress up, breathe new life, into almost ANYTHING  using Caromal Colours paints

Can I scream?


Love it! Love it!  Love it!   And love Sandy’s choice of wall color to compliment the new brick…

Sandy was gracious to share her process,

I used Parchment as the base on the brick with Coffee Glaze on top, and I wiped most of it off.  The mantle has Putty as the base, Chipping Creme, then Peppercorn, finishing with Coffee Glaze.

Thanks, I love it too.  I also did two glider rockers to match the mantle and recovered them in a caramal color fabric, to sit in front of fireplace.

We hadn’t used the fireplace in years, but now with converting the firplace to gas and the update it’s our favorite place to sit and talk or read.


You knocked it out of the park, I love your project, and thank you so much for sharing!

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One response to “Sandy Caromal Colours Her Tired Brick Fireplace…

  1. Great job! All Sandy’s accessories really pop now. I love the wall lanterns.


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