Get Your Paint On With Caromal Colours, The Fun Paint!

Had a Get Your Paint On session this past Saturday…

I love being able to show how easy it is to paint and transform with Caromal paints.   Empowering others…  like Heather, who’s table arrived with an old paint and stencil finish,   ready for new life.

Brushing on her first coat of peppercorn texture basecoat

we worried that she might not finish

When dry, a quick second thin fill coat.  The cobblestone was used around the side band for interest

The fun part, sanding to distress

Sanding down to the under color revealed the original green paint

a great accent with the cobblestone side

All sanded and dull looking

until the amazing TONER is brushed on and wiped off…

That quick and easy.   Mind you,  Heather was the FIRST one finished.

  A new table is born

Ann Marie starts a simple student desk – this was her inspiration

painting texture basecoat chocolate on the edges so that the later sanding on edges will reveal brown not blonde wood…

Now a simple desk should have been a snap right?  Nope…. spindles suck.

After the Chocolate dried it was brushed over with Chipping Creme.  Once dry  the textured basecoat parchment went on, as shown here

when that dried, she sanded for a smooth feeling top, and brown edges…

then the Coffee Glaze, brushed on, wiped off

and FINALLY,  the stencil, using Toner

Yay, all that in a day!  We met at 9am and after meet/greet, instruction and finish selections, the brushes started flowing…

Mike started with a cherry color coffee table.  He was inspired by this finish –

He painted the edges texture basecoat pumpkin so orange would come through the black (peppercorn) not the original cherry finish…

Same thing,  let it dry, brush with Chipping Creme,  let that dry, then brush on the top color, in this case textured basecoat peppercorn

oooooohhhhhh YA……….   Mike loved the sanding part ….     simple.

So simple.

after the sanding Toner was brushed on and wiped off

A centered stencil in statuary bronze, completed this table.

These pieces will all get a coat of Min Wax wipe-on poly, to seal up the finish.  Any of your favorite topcoats will do,   I like to demo the Min Wax Wipe-On Poly for cabinets and usable pieces.   Liberon Bison Waxes are lovely as well  –  easily wiped on/wiped off  – providing a soft furniture glow,  but I’m not a big fan of wax topcoats  over kitchen/bath cabinets or heavily used pieces (like Heather’s kitchen table).

This table is going to get Parchment (creme) over Mustard (yellow)

Deborah brushes  the texture basecoat mustard on

we all commented that it looked cool at this stage too

Blow drying the chipping creme, which was brushed over the whole thing…

then the parchment gets brushed on

sanding to reveal some of that yellow

Now the search for perfect handles  – calls for a trip to Hobby Lobby!

We wrapped around 4pm –  a fun day to be had at the studio!  Come join us for March session,   Saturday March 24th at 9am.   Cost for the day is $175 which includes instruction from an awesome instructor (:)),  a pizza lunch, and all the materials you need to paint your piece.   All you need to bring is yourself, a smile, and a piece of tired furniture up to 36 inches in length.    Class max is 5 so dont’ delay – call the store to check availablity and register.

What’s it gonna be?


You can find all of the above at my store – be sure to book mark it, and note my coupon codes  PattyH for $2 off shipping and PattyH5 for 5 off shipping.


Head to my store   SHOP.FABFINISHER.COM   for all of your Caromal needs  – including perfect 8 ounce samplers of the Textured Basecoats,  – a great way to experiment with color combinations!


5 responses to “Get Your Paint On With Caromal Colours, The Fun Paint!

  1. Wow! Amazing transformations. I wish I lived close enough to attend one of these.

  2. …just love to see projects in process !! 🙂

  3. Love all the pieces, I’m partial to the stencil on the desk top though. LOVE it!
    I noticed you have cans of TBC, I have the plastic jars … any hints to getting these open when they have been stored for a while?


  4. Hi Joanne, i recently started working out of gallons – the wide mouth is easier to have multiple users grabbing out of same can – but the downfall is, they take up more room, and they’re heavy when more full…..

    the jars are prone to sticking when they’re close up, because paint tends to be on the ring – i am now trying REALLY hard to wipe (with a wet rag) the ring BEFORE screwing the cap back on – otherwise they can be tough to open. i always bang the jar’s cap on the wall and it does the trick – or it its bad i’ll run it under hot water…..

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