Painting Trim And Fireplaces Mantels…

I love seeing color on woodwork.    Saw this on Houzz –  I could be comfortable in this room

Again, from Houzz – this fireplace now looks like a piece of furniture

Of course I love the one that was refinished and distressed  using Caromal textured basecoats –  chocolate, cobblestone, and chipping creme with toner over top

Half and half

another barnworn fireplace finish

black distressed

reminded me of this dark trim that I glazed for a client’s master bath

Can you imagine this next space with all white trim? It wouldn’t be as interesting

How cool is this use of a an old door?

I love this  –   I’d clean up everything in and around it, then leave the fireplace alone

Then again,  I like to be different 🙂

This sample door was originally painted mocha brown in a store five minute Reclaim demo.  Then later it was grabbed and sprayed with Krylon white Webbing, to show someone else how easy marbling is out of the can.   I grabbed the door and painted over that top part with texture basecoat parchment – to show another client what parchment would look like painted over something originally brown.  We sanded it back to age it, then applied the toner.  I love that top corner area….

How about mustard over peppercorn, toned

or the reverse

or just drag, mix, and create as you go

Too crazy for you?   Here’s perfect timing – a client just walked in the store, pulled out her iphone and showed me photos of the fireplace mantel she just painted!

She had purchased texture basecoat parchment with toner to do old furniture for her daughter’s room – she took the extra and finished her white mantel

Nichole didnt’ have a before on her phone – can you imagine it white?  Nice job!


3 responses to “Painting Trim And Fireplaces Mantels…

  1. Great resource

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  3. I love that FP mantel!

    {my simple messterpiece}

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