A Naked Kitchen Gets Bronzed – And Plastered!

This week I’ll be on the wall Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Tuesday I’ll be in the store all day as we have an  11am workshop on Easy Cabinet and Furniture finishing scheduled.   Wednesday and Thursday the store will be closed.  Friday and Saturday we will reopen.

When I say I’ll be ‘on the wall’  – this is the kind of stuff I’m doing…

Just finished a kitchen for some really nice clients…    can you believe they found me in the parking lot at the local grocery store?  (It pays to have that advertising on the truck, right?)

They recently moved into a lovely  new house – and coming from a previous house filled with color, they couldn’t wait to warm up this house.   First stop, the kitchen-

Painters arrived and gave the ceilings a splash of color, draperies (rich tones) will soon be installed,  but not before we dressed up the walls with a textured plaster finish.

I started with a troweled layer of Aquastone – I created textured as I went along, which slowed up my troweling process more than I anticipated.  I thought I’d be able to plaster in a day, but it ended up taking me two…

Day three I painted the whole thing Setcoat Metallic Bronze

Day four I glazed the walls with Aquacreme and a mix of dark brown and black tint, rolled it on and knocked it down with a rubber trowel.   Did I mention that that corner over the ovens was a real beotch to reach?

Glaze still wet, but all cleaned up –

Of  course I had to push the furniture back in place so I could a better photo opportunity 🙂

Wish I’d have taken a finished picture from this same angle as my only ‘before’ photo…

Oh well, hopefully I’ll be back in the future and can take a long shot, window treatments and all …


6 responses to “A Naked Kitchen Gets Bronzed – And Plastered!

  1. Amazing transformation — you are amazing to do this work alone! I’m sure the homeowner was thrilled ..

  2. That looks GREAT, Patty!! There is no stopping you once you get on a roll. The texture looks good…got any close ups?

  3. Great job! I know the client’s are thrilled…and they’ll have you back to do more.

  4. WOW Patty, that is absolutely beautiful ! You are like an energizer Bunny,
    I wish I had your energy….and talent.

  5. thanks everyone 🙂 Brenda, I’ve always worked alone – I’m finding, though, that some stages of jobs are easier to get though if you have a helper…

    Kath – this was a hard finish to photo – the flash wanted to wash everything out. Jan, you have both energy AND talent, who you fooling? And – you got to refresh in MX! I’m jealous…

  6. The work you do is amazing! I love it. I wish I lived closer to take classes from you. I am very interested in faux finishes. I have done a few in my home. I have spent a lot of time on your website admiring your work.

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