Another Silver Furniture Finish – This Time The Dresser

This next piece was part of this set –

Based it in Caromal Reclaim Mocha, then dry brushed with my favorite mix of custom silvers (using Modern Masters)

Painted the handles as well

now adding a toning glaze (Caromal Colours Toner) and softening it back

all but two drawers left…

This stencil reminded me of the shape of the feet, so I added one on each side, and embellished it with Swarovski crystals…

Just can’t have enough metallic pieces!

ARE YOU READY TO Get your paint on?

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2 responses to “Another Silver Furniture Finish – This Time The Dresser

  1. This silver finish is gorgeous. I see that it is from 2012. If you get this email, can you tell me what mix of silver (Modern Masters) you used? Thank you

    • hi vicki, we do use MM solo for a number of their colors, but the silver blend is actually a mix of different lines, not just MM – just evolved as i played around with colors. we use MM, Metaltechs and blue pearl

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