My Painted Rustic Chest, Distressed With Red and Putty…

I was unsure how to refinish this chest.   To be honest,  I didn’t like it much.

I stared at it for awhile…  and decided to paint the base color Caromal textured basecoat Paprika

to get to something similar to this

Putty over Paprika

after the red was dry we brushed on a layer of Chipping Creme.  The front door and drawer fronts got a first coat of Textured Basecoat Putty instead of Paprika

the idea was to do the reverse on the front panels, like this

Paprika over Putty

Instead of using textured basecoat Putty as the top color, I grabbed the Reclaim Pebble which is real close in color, and used that instead.  Over the Putty and chipping creme’d door panels we applied the Paprika…

At this point I wasn’t liking what I was seeing, but knew that I needed to wait until the finish  was complete before I could judge – work in progress is often not pretty…

I sanded using the palm sander, to break through to the red

Then came the toner.  Brush it on, wipe it off.   I was really liking the finish at this point

but still didn’t like the red panel idea…  instead of making that swirly cabinet panel go away, it accentuated it

so we changed the plan and painted the panels Pebble, then sanded back and toned    (this is Kathy, my awesome painter friend and co-worker – she has started helping me in the store and shes the BEST!)

All done, put back together, new iron handles to match the existing cabinet pull – I LOVE this now!

yippie kay yay

For more information about the Caromal Colours textured basecoats,  head here   distressing paints

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