CeCe Caldwell Paint Line Has Arrived At Fabulous Finishes!

How blessed am I?  Mightily!

I am amazed at these last six months –    opening a retail store to share the paint products that I love,  Caromal Colours DIY paints, the realization that there really IS potential in showing homeowners, on a personal level, just what CAN be done with paint – provided you have the RIGHT paints in hand.

I’ve been a believer from day one in the Caromal products – and I will continue to be their biggest cheerleader – for these paints can do things no other paints can do.    But today I get to be giddy about another awesome endeavor – CeCe Caldwell paints!

So,  Why? What ? Where? When?  Huh?

I am realizing that I really really love empowering others, and I  feel our good Lord has blessed me with a creative pair of hands.  It’s a great feeling I get when I demo, share, instruct, and see homeowners confident to transform their own space.     I am on to a good thing!

Thus my interest in CeCe Caldwell paints.  These paints fall into the Paint Made Easy category – no stripping, sanding or priming necessary – just clean your  surface and start painting – so a perfect compliment to the Caromal line –

But these paints are much different.   For starters? The colors –  CeCe offers a current palette of 21 yummylicious colors

and 13 more colors debuting next month – including Michigan Pine and Traverse City Cherry !   I love that this paint line names its colors after US destinations.

CeCe paints are Eco-Friendly, natural chalk clay paints – a mineral based paint made up of chalk and clay in a water base  – NO volatile organic compounds, these paints are non-toxic and have no odor.   I beg to differ – i think they smell like earth 🙂

The paint contains NO acrylic co-polymers, solvents, formaldehyde, ammonia, ethylene glycol or toxic heavy metals.  The minerals are clay, porcelain clay and chalk blended into a water based solution.  The paint is packaged in recycled plastic containers.    In other words –   pretty darn safe!

From an artisan side, what I really love? These paints brush out with ease, ( I used a simple cheapy chip brush) and cover really well – one quart will get you 150-200 sf depending on application – thats huge!

It’s easier to get a more even furniture finish, you can brush color over color without a chipping creme. and simply sand back or wet wipe back your finish to reveal your under color

And for fun, it’s super easy to get a consistent crackle

Because these paints are all natural, they need some protection-  CeCe offers a Clear Wax, made from insect and plant sources-

It brushes or wipes on like butter, and when dry you can easily burnish it to a sheen using a scotch bright, or rag or even paper towel.   This clear wax can be easily tinted with universal tints, and next month they are debuting a pre-tinted brown wax.

I can’t WAIT to get dirty with these paints – I have just the pieces waiting for some CeCe –

My skid of every color arrives hopefully in the next two weeks.  At that time I’ll turn on my online shopping mart which will offer all the  CeCe paint colors in quart, 4 and 8 ounce samplers, as well as the waxes, topcoats, color charts and custom 3″ wood samplers.

These were photos I took earlier this week, when I visited Bungalow 47 – the mid-west distributor for CeCe-

I’ll be able to get a sticker like this for my window!

You won’t find two nicer women – owners Jill and Chantelle –  they were awesome!

Jill, me and Chantelle

they were so cool they sent me home with little samplers of most of the colors-

which allowed me to start working on these,  5×7 frames to portray each color of the palette

My plan is to hang each frame off a tack –  maybe 1/2 finished in a tinted wax, 1/2 untinted….

Happy Painting!


11 responses to “CeCe Caldwell Paint Line Has Arrived At Fabulous Finishes!

  1. I NEED these in my life!!

  2. Yeah! i love my samples of caromal, and was waiting to see if they would come out with a wheat… so now maybe the CECE colors will offer that without more waiting…. will the CECE do kitchen cabinets with their wax? OR is wax not recommended in the kitchen due to steam, etc.
    If it works for cabinets, I’ll be ready to order more 3″ samples when you are 🙂

    • Hi Robin – the CeCe paints offer a great color palette, and I’m anxiously awaiting the paint arrival so I can start demo’ing and testing it on cabinet doors- with their clear wax i don’t feel its durable enough to withstand kitchen use – but they do have another topcoat coming out just for that purpose – to offer higher durability. The finishes I’ve seen on furniture with the clear wax cures up nicely and would hold up to soft abuse – the harder topcoat that was on several pieces was pretty tough – I’m thinking that will be just what we’re looking for!

  3. I have been looking for a butter yellow paint for my kitchen cabinets. Nothing too pastel but not neon either. I definitely don’t want off white.Would you say Carolina Sun would be a good butter yellow? If so, how can I purchase it though your site? I clicked the link but didn’t see any of this new line offered.

    • Have you seen the Reclaim buttercreme? It is a little duller than the Carolina Sun but still a butter yellow that isnt pastel or neon…. The CeCe paints will be on available for purchase on my site in a couple weeks. Right now I only have teeny quantities of each color so I can’t start offering wood samples or paint etc, until the main order arrives.

  4. Hi Patty,
    Now that you’re carrying the CeCe Caldwell (C3) paints in addition to the Caromal Colours (C2) line, I’ve GOT to do a road trip up to your place! I am interested in getting a lot of sample pots of the CeCe Caldwell colors to make a color chart and to plan a piece or two. I’m a C2 rep also but I can’t wait to try the new stuff out. You mentioned 2 weeks til you get the paints, but can you sell a whole batch of samples too? I noticed that there is not a red color in the line yet, but you mentioned they will have a Michigan/Traverse City Cherry (yum!) color soon. It’s gonna be very hard to wait! Could you tell me an approx date to make the road trip? I will have a 4 hr drive up your way.

    • oh yes Edie, we will be filling samples the day those quarts come in. Kathy, my painty pal that LOVES CC but loves more the palette of CCC is totally giddy with excitement – I’ve been getting her to help (work) at the store for me, and I’ve already told her she needs to be available that week because we are going to be 2 busy bees! As far as the red – oh ya, the Traverse City Cherry is RED!!!! I’ll go post a picture of the trim sample I have – when i have confirmation of the set arrival, i’ll send you dates to that work – we open at 930am so if you hit the road early, plan on staying and playing for awhile – cant drive all that way to just come and go!

  5. I’m so excited for you Patty!
    I’ve been communicating with Jill and Chantelle about getting some CeCe Caldwell paint in Canada.


    • YAY Joanne – they are the nicest ladies 🙂 I love being in my store – i can’t explain it… today I wasnt even supposed to be open (thought I was going to be a wall job but i wrapped on time) but I was there anyway catching up so I unlocked the door – I had several new customers stop by today and it was so natural, explaining each product line “this line is thicker and can….” and ” this line is thinner and rolls on and..” and then I turned to the other wall and said ‘and THIS line offers ……” it was SOOOO cool! Godspeed to Canada!

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