CeCe Caldwell Hits Detroit!

I was at the store today anxiously awaiting the arrive of my first CeCe Caldwell paint shipment –  it was due to arrive no later than tomorrow, but I was really hoping for today.     As I was walking a customer out, I noticed this backing into the complex

Oh snap, that’s mine!  I ran to get my camera  –  this is an exciting moment in my life!


You’re pretty excited about this delivery, eh?



So where do you start?   Well,  first I dug out the couple of colors I was waiting on , so I could complete my color deck on the wall –

then I HAD to break out the Antiquing Wax – there are 2, a Light and a Dark – and try those on a couple colors …   I decided instead of hanging the frames directly onto the showroom wall, it would be easier to velcro them to beadboad and hang THAT on the wall…   each sheet holds 15 colors, and I got a couple extra sheets to be prepared for future color adds.    Had to velcro in 2 spots for double reinforcment…

like these next month

I got two of the boards mounted, but only 2 of those 22 color samples have been waxed…  we have a BIG job in front of us!

Here is the Vintage White,

  • left side is clear wax
  • right side (upper) is clear wax then light antiquing glaze
  • right side (lower) is clear wax then dark antiquing glaze

and the Spring Hill Green-

and here is the Traverse City Cherry that just debuted – it covers really well!  Realize, all these colors will intensify once the wax is applied –

Tomorrow we start creating custom color charts, waxing all these frames ,  filling 4 ounce sample pots, and painting stakes for color deck #2.

Stay tuned!  If you’re interested in ordering check out the button on the top right of the co


6 responses to “CeCe Caldwell Hits Detroit!

  1. ~ Oh my~ !!! So excited – I am on vacation right now, in Traverse City – can’t wait to get back to town to visit for a can of Spring Hill Green!!! Been dreaming of finishing an armoire for my craft room with that color for months!!! So glad its arrived and I can finally come visit your store!

  2. Patty,
    I’m always impressed with your blog and website! You are so organized and seem to get a ton done everyday! Can’t wait to try some of these paints out.

  3. Wow! Love these colors … I can’t wait to see the custom color charts. Are you offering the discount for shipping on these paints like you do the Caromal Colours?

    {my simple messterpiece}

    • Hi Carolyn,

      The CeCe is pretty specific about selling online at set prices with no discounting allowed – with that said, I’d imagine my coupon code is not something they’ll permit. However, if someone was ordering something from my site other than CeCe, the discount could be applied… we will be creating all the custom color charts this weekend….

  4. ooooo! gorgeous! staying tuned in…. to hear about their satin topcoat that you will give a road test….to see if you then recommend for kitchen cabinets 🙂

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