A Perfect Red – CeCe Caldwell Traverse City Cherry…

I couldn’t wait to paint a piece of furniture with my new CeCe Caldwell paints.   Santa Fe Turquoise?   No,  Traverse City Cherry!

TCC,  2 coats dry,  but not top coated

When the paints dry they lighten up,  but the color comes back when you seal.    The bottom frame is sealed with CeCe Caldwell Clear Wax , the right side had 2 shades of aging wax applied light (on top) and dark (on bottom)  I fell in love with the bottom right, where Dark Aging Wax was applied-

I set to work painting a beautiful Thomasville dresser red –

I envisioned black crocodile panels in the 3 center areas – thought that would look sweet, AND help make it not look like a dresser…

Drying… I applied 2 coats of the red, though one coat covered quite nicely 🙂  Here you can see the paint drying…

After it dried I grabbed the CeCe Satin Finish and brushed out the top and front black panel.  I was impatient, wanting to see how the shine would look

but in rushing, I forgot to use the Aging Dark Wax!  Rats…. I wanted that richer red finish…   so next day I painted back over the parts I’d Satin Finished,  and instead used the Aging Dark Wax.  Here the top is waxed, but I need to buff it with a soft cloth…

So now I’m loving the red, but the whole piece isn’t coming together for me…

As I stared at it, with its lovely silver accessories I’d displayed on and around, I realized,  it needed something like this

Yes!  Like the accent top I’d created above, only in a warmer silver finish…

Can you see my vision?  First metallic over the black croc

then CeCe Aging Dark Wax on that luscious red..

then an aging wax over the metallic to soften it up

Look at what this CeCe Aging Dark Wax does to the Traverse City Cherry –

The reveal

Truly with a cherry on top!

CeCe Caldwell’s paints

100% naturally green,

in the color of your choice

CeCe paints are sold in quarts and 4 ounce samplers.   Visit our store for all your product needs 🙂


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