CeCe Caldwell Springhill Green

CeCe Caldwell Chalk & Clay Paint

– why it’s our paint of choice for creating beautiful finishes:

  • 100% naturally green, people & earth friendly, and made right here in the USA…
  • ZERO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), non-toxic.  The minerals are clay, porcelain clay, and chalk blended into a water-base solution.  No odor (though I say it smells like earth!)
  • It has a creamy consistency when painting and flows out effortlessly, drying to a pretty smooth finish.  You can achieve a baby fine surface with minimal sanding
  • The paint is self-priming, superior adhesion means that most surfaces don’t require a prep coat of primer prior to painting. One or two coats generally give complete coverage and the paint goes a long way!
  • You can use a single color, or layer multiple colors, and a simple wipe back with wet cloth will reveal the beauty beneath
  • CeCe offers a yummy Clear Wax for sealing up the surface, and a Satin Finish when you desire even more durability

This is 2 coats Springhill Green,  over a 5×7 photo frame (glass and all).

Notice how it has a couple square marks on it?   Thats because originally I had painted it, Clear Waxed it, then applied the Dark and Light Aging Waxes on it

That was my  intent with the ‘color deck’ frames – to have each color in clear, light and dark – but as I started I realized it was a pain to do – and I liked how the full frame was the full shot of color.  So I switched to each frame being its own color, sealed in Clear Wax, and instead I’ll be portraying each color with multiple topcoats on fence posts.

 I brush on the yummy Clear Wax – notice how it brings the color back

The clear wax has NO odor, is non-streaking & made from insect & plant sources. It is non-petroleum based, natural wax. In addition to being better for you, your family & the environment, it goes on smoothly without any drag or streaking.  simply brush it on, wipe off the excess, and a few hours later you can buff it to a lovely sheen.

A comparison…

#1 Smoky Mountain Gray, #2 Destin Gulf Green, #3 Springhill Green, #4 Santa Fe Turquoise, #5 Alaskan Tundra Green

CeCe Caldwell’s paints

100% naturally green,

in the color of your choice

CeCe paints are sold in quarts and 4 ounce samplers.   Visit our store for all your product needs :)


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