A Springhill Green Accent Table, The CeCe Way

Something about this CeCe color

called to me….

my daughter used Caromal Colours, Texture Basecoat Parchment and tinted it awhile back to create a similar color to stencil this chair

then we got the CeCe paints and fell in love with the Springhill Green.  I used it on this star, over the Turquoise

and on the side of my storage cabinet

Then I had this…

and went for this

one coat, drying,  it doesn’t take long…

The second coat gave perfect coverage

When it dries, I take  a wet rag and wipe the areas I want distressed

I sanded the top a little to make it even smoother, and then applied the Clear Wax to seal the surface.  I was undecided on pure Springhill Green or an aged version of it.  The clear wax is  easy to brush on, wipe off excess and then a couple hours later lightly buff to a sheen.

Clear Wax Instructions for Use:

Clear Wax should be applied in a thin, even coat with a brush or lint-free cloth.  Wipe away an excess.  The surface should then be thoroughly buffed with a dry cloth or finishing pad after 2-4 hours.  For an even hard finish, the wax can be rebuffed 2-4 days after the initial buffing.  This product requires several days to fully cure.  Freshly waxed surfaces should be kept free of moisture and heavy use traffic for about a week or so.

After the clear dried I decided to age it with the CeCe Dark Wax-

Aging Wax (Light & Dark) Instructions for Use:

Before first use stir well, mixing wax from bottom into upper layers of wax, as the pigment has a tendency to settle to the bottom of container.  Apply with a brush or rag.  It becomes thin (like an oil) as you work with it.  You can use your hands (no harmful ingredients) to rub into the painted surface.  Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes before wiping away extreme excess.  Leave more wax in the areas that you want the deeper pigmentation.  Remove all wax from areas that you do not want an aged appearance.  Allow to rest another 10-15 minutes, before wiping away all excess.  Apply a second coat if needed for deeper color.  The wax will take longer to dry and use only a cloth to buff.  Aging Wax goes on much lighter, straight from the container, than most dark waxes.  There is no need to lighten with clear wax, prior to use.  For a harder finish, apply a coat of the Clear Wax or Satin Coat several days after the application of the Aging Wax.

Perfect color!

CeCe Caldwell’s paints

100% naturally green,

in the color of your choice

CeCe paints are sold in quarts and 4 ounce samplers.   Visit our store for all your product needs :)


2 responses to “A Springhill Green Accent Table, The CeCe Way

  1. I LOVE the stencil you used in this post. Did you order it from someplace or do you make them yourself? Love your storage cabinet end!!

    • Hi Amy, that was an older element from Andreae Design stencils which is now 85th street decor – they are in the process of restructuring everything so i have nothing of theres, however Maison De Stencil has a similar design – we have it in stock – Damask A 12×15 Stencil
      1 – 12×15 inch stencil SKU: 452 $36.00

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