A Workshop Week… Textureline Finishes ROCK!

Last week I visited the Plaster Center & Minneapolis Institute of Fine Finishes and instructed a 2 day workshop on Easy Cabinet and Furniture Finishes

I loved his studio!  An old building, up a couple floors, in the city of Minneapolis… old plank floors, windows with natural light, high exposed ceilings, tons of room…. an artist’s dream….

It was a fun two days

with cool finishes created

Like those stencils?  I’m finally carrying stencils now, designed right here in Metro Detroit!

Drew Beninati, artist and owner, is the guy that is the colorant genius for Textureline products.   Textureline makes everything  from glazes and pigments to plasters and stone finishes.    Did you know I carry Textureline products as well?   🙂

At the end of our class we played around a bit with some new Moire Metallic Plaster colors.  I created this

That was last week.

This past week Drew flew here, to teach a two day workshop on troweled plaster finishes at my studio.  I  buzzed around all week getting everything in order. The back drop is troweled grey Sedonna plaster

Textureline sample finishes decorate the wall

I dressed  up this wall with two finishes

a sweet metallic textured finish on top, and a troweled Moire plaster on the bottom –  both finishes will be taught in an upcoming 3 hour workshop

I got to meet John and Greg from ProFaux out of Akron, Ohio.   I learned so much from John,  and Greg blew me away with his creativity

It was a pleasure hosting Drew –  he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and offers a finish-packed  2 day workshop

I’ve got some great stuff in the works –   next week I’ll be adding some new products for purchase, both online and in store.  Look for powder pigments and metallic waxes  in 4 ounce samplers AND as a sample kit.  Additionally, I’ll be stocking several more topcoats that will be useful with cabinet and furniture finishes- a flat wax and satin wax, both applied with a damp sponge – as easy as a wipe-on poly, but more durable.

Look for our summer workshop schedule this week – adding some new sessions,  CeCe Chalk Paint Techniques,  Animal Hide Texture Top Finish,  and a  Simple Wall Finishes Workshop.

Come check us out

Fabulous Finishes Studio 

A Specialty Paints Retailer

49972 Van Dyke Rd

Shelby Township, Mi 48317


Tuesday, Thursday  10am – 530pm

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 10am – 430pm



One response to “A Workshop Week… Textureline Finishes ROCK!

  1. I can’t wait to visit your studio. I love shabby chic. See you soon. Basha

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