A Hutch Transformed With CeCe Caldwell Smoky Mountain Gray…

Back when I was a kid,  we took a trip to the Smoky Mountains… there is a photo similar to this one, except we’re posing in front of the fence like tourons…

and you thought I was pulling your  leg 🙂   That’s me in the middle smiling at my brother

Little did I know, years later I’d be painting a piece of furniture in a color named Smoky Mountain Gray

I started with this lovely gem – such a pretty piece  to paint, and in excellent condition

The drawers were lined with Detroit Newspapers from 1979.  Good for the future owner because the inside drawers are like new

My inspiration?   a picture frame finish that I created for my mom

I started with a base of Reclaim Licorice black

added glue in areas, as I went along, and painted over it all with the CeCe Caldwell Smoky Mountain

This paint is easy to brush out, thick but creamy and levels out just enough so you’re not left with heavy brushy marks…  and it goes far.  One coat covered this piece and I only used not even 1/3 of the can

After a very light sand I aged and sealed it with a Liberon Medium Oak Wax

and for an extra custom punch, I gave the top an animal hide texture in a warm silver metallic

My new buddy John, owner at Profaux, told me to sell it for no less than $1500…

and he said I should sign it.  After all,  it’s one of a kind.  Custom…

I haven’t signed it.  Yet.

For Sale  $899

ARE YOU READY TO GET your paint on?

When online ordering, using coupon code PattyH in the coupon code area saves you money off shipping, and you pay no tax (outside PA).

If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.


6 responses to “A Hutch Transformed With CeCe Caldwell Smoky Mountain Gray…

  1. I really like this color. The touches of glue making occasional crackling is much nicer on this tan an all over crackle. I fell in love with metallic when you shpped me my first batch. i want shine everywhere. I’m afraid my prim country may turn Vegas!!!! It’s so rich and deep after the toner goes on. It’s just plain pretty before. I’ll send pics after the wax finish. That’s all that is left to do. Anyway, this is really nice. I would love to come do a workshop someday.

  2. That piece is “drop dead gorgeous”….You really are one talented lady!

  3. Mariann Salvador

    What a beautiful piece! Love the color. Can you tell me how you did the animal hide texture on top? I just ordered my first Cece paint for a dresser and would love to do something like that on top. Thanks!

    • Thanks Deb! Mariann, the texture i did using a wall product that I carry – its more full bodied – called texture base and i like to use the black. you lay a piece of cheesecloth down on your surface, kindof stretch it out all oddish, and then using a scraper or credit card or bondo blade scrape your texture base over the cloth – once you have it all covered but the cloth upward to remove – then when its dry dry brush it with metallic, then toner it or glaze it or stain it or wax it… so many choices!

  4. LOVE the results – it is spectacular, Patty!

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