Painting Books… Texture Basecoats…

Jackie stopped in one day with books she’d painted, using leftover texture basecoat Pumpkin,  and Toner

Isn’t that a cool idea?    I like that they are varied – one original,  one un-toned….

she even added a stencil pattern to a few…

Jackie likes to use stacks  of books as risers for other items…  how clever!

ARE YOU READY TO GET your paint on?

When online ordering, using coupon code PattyH in the coupon code area saves you money off shipping, and you pay no tax (outside PA).

If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.


2 responses to “Painting Books… Texture Basecoats…

  1. Pretty cool idea! Have you ever painted faux beams? Like the fake wood ceiling beams? If so, any tips?

    • heck, if you painted those with the textured basecoats it would be easiest of all – smoosh it on , so it creates some texture/dimension – would make it look like more of SOMETHING from down below – and applied this way would cover in one coat – then let dry, light sand, then brush on the Toner and wipe off – they’d look like old leather!

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