New CeCe Colors Arrive At Fabulous Finishes… Come And Get Em!!

Thursday was a fun day-   I picked up my CeCe paint order ‘in route’ –  Jill, from Bungalow 47, my distributor,  was on her way to the airport, which was kindof 1/2 way from her to me, so she was was kind enough to haul my paint booty with her – we did a quick swap off the freeway in a gas station parking lot, and just like that I was on my way home with yummy paints.

Even funner?  On the way home I plugged ‘estate sales local’ into my iphone and tracked a couple sales on the way home – brilliant!    I had to be back to the store by 2pm, to relieve my wonderful helper Kathy, so I had game face on and focused on quick in and out…

Grabbed this sweet black leather ottoman, in excellent condition

Everything in photo for sale – ottoman $159, crackle frame matted art $54.99, chair $35, table $55 (accessories for sale too but cant recall prices)

Hutch $899, Resin angel gold patina $29.99

these 2  have great potential – I’m certain one or both will be antique white…

an antique coffee table, and quaint little vanity chair…

Love him….

Vintage jointed horse on stand, $64.99

and this…   it called to me  from across the room…

Originally, I thought “Oh my gosh, perfect just like this!” … but then I wondered if painting it wouldn’t be a smarter option…

No pain, no gain…

I have great things in store for you, just wait…

Back at the store, we unload the paint…   new colors – Ce Ce Pickerington Violet

it’s so pretty, sold two first day…

Vermont Slate, then glue, then Pickerington Violet, then Clear Wax…

Four new colors – all next to Simply White –

top left Pickerington Violet, top right Texas Prairie, bottom left Mississippi Mud, bottom right California Gold

Texas Prairie, with clear wax

Mississippi Mud with clear wax

California Gold with clear wax

More examples, with waxes…

Left Pickerington Violet over Hershey Brown, with Dark Wax, Right Texas Prairie over Hershey Brown, left side Light Aging right side Dark Aging Wax

Left side Mississippi Mud over Hershey Brown with Dark Wax, right side California Gold over Vermont Slate with Dark Wax

I gotta say, originally when I brushed out the California Gold I was not thrilled – I’m not a buttery color gal…. but this sample, over the Slate, with dark wax, is yummy… even my finisher pal Kathy, when she came in and saw this, grabbed a quart of California Gold…

My updated CeCe wall-   of course, more colors to come 🙂

ARE YOU READY TO GET your paint on?

When online ordering, using coupon code PattyH in the coupon code area saves you money off shipping, and you pay no tax (outside PA).

If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.


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