A Lovely Antiqued Waterfall Vanity, Even More Beautiful In Silver

Late last year I refinished this antique waterfall vanity

My antiqued custom silver finish was the perfect match, and it received many compliments.

And then it sold.

My quest to find another brought me to this

Awesome mirror…

Even better, it came with the vanity chair

Bonus  – a chest and bed to complete the set!

Yes, I’ll admit I questioned whether it was wrong to paint it – after all, look at the detail in the crafting of these pieces

But the set would have needed some finish restoration, and I don’t do that.  And, really, I know this set could be just as beautiful with a painted finish.

Without further ado

Even though I can get an idea of where I want to go with something…

sometimes the end result is beyond what I’d imagined…

Added a swarovski crystal…

The etching on the mirror, and a separate mirror covered compartment,  so fine…

Did I mention it is in excellent condition?

Where will you find another vanity and chair like this?   It is almost one of a kind…

Know anyone interested?  It’s available for purchase.  I think I’ll do the bed and chest in CeCe Vintage White…

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Fabulous Finishes Studio

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on the east side of Van Dyke, between 22 and 23 Mile

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22 responses to “A Lovely Antiqued Waterfall Vanity, Even More Beautiful In Silver

  1. I have a vanity desk i would like to sale you. There is no damage at all to it just a little wair on the top. it has the brass handles on the 4 draws and the mirror that attaches to is is a circle. you can contact me via email and we can go from there. I am located in the state of Washington and thank you amber

  2. Just wondering…… Is this silver leaf or paint. I redo furniture in SC and am about to do my first waterfall vanity. Yours is exquisite and I was curious about how u achieved the look. Thank you so much!

  3. Do you sell the paint that you used on this peice? If so, can you tell me what to purchase?

    It is very beautiful and would like to do a peice for my daughter. Im in Washington, so too far to buy the dresser 😉

  4. I cannot believe you ruined such a beautiful piece by painting it this color. A waterfall deserves better than this.

    • interesting how we all have different tastes – I, personally, think this is a smashing classic finish on this style of furniture. The finish itself draws the most interest in our showroom.

    • I couldn’t agree more! What an abomination. She destroyed it. It was beautiful and now it’s ugly and tacky. Smh.

  5. Do you still have the other pieces? How would someone remove this finish and return to the original look?

  6. Interested in a vanity. 734-552-2668 thanks paula

  7. Patty ~ absolutely stunning! Yep we are a loud bunch in Washington State lol. Did you use a wax after painting? What color is this? Thanks for posting this inspiring piece!

    • no wax – this was Caromal’s Reclaim mocha as the base, a blend of silver metallics over top, antiqued with caromal Toner glaze, . i wipe on poly’d the drawer fronts and top. 🙂

  8. NaturalWoodIsTheBest

    I cannot believe you destroyed such a beautiful piece. No, you did NOT refinish it by painting it. You destroyed a piece of history with intricate details forever.

  9. What blend of silvers did you use? Specifically? This is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to try this finish on my ‘new’ retro vanity! All specifics and directions would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Hi, There are numerous posts on our site with directions & products to achieve Metallic finishes.Quite often I bend my metallic colors & glazes as I go. The most popular is the ” Silver Blend” Over Reclaim Mocha , then Toner. 🙂

      On Thu, Nov 5, 2015 at 9:07 AM, Fabulously Finished wrote:


  10. I would absolutely love to do this color with my waterfall set. If you don’t mind sharing I would love to find out what paint color and brand you used? It looks like a champagne color?

    • Hi, this was Caromal’s Reclaim Mocha as the base, a blend of silver metallics over top, antiqued with caromal Toner glaze, . i wipe on poly’d the drawer fronts and top.:)

      On Sun, Mar 13, 2016 at 2:41 PM, Fabulously Finished wrote:


  11. linda thomsen

    This is stunning! Beautiful.

  12. Could you tell me the colors and process you took to do the antique silver waterfall vanity ?Havent been painting furniture too long and still stay unsure of things. Thank you

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