CeCe Caldwell’s Clear Wax IS EASY PEASY, and Pretty In Pink

I started with this Lea desk

Thought about a shade of yellow

Thought CeCe Johnston Daffodil

(gosh my camera lens needs a cleaning, badly!  sorry about those spots)

but decided on the CeCe Portland Rose,  a new color thats a pretty light shade of pink

CeCe Portland Rose

First layer was CeCe Simply White

over that, a coat of CeCe Portland Rose

When dry,  I distressed the finish by sanding AND by wiping back with a wet rag, two different ways to finesse the CeCe finish –

Did you notice that perfect knob?  We bought those today – just the pink crystal knob part, not the back plate –   specifically for this piece, and planned on using them on the top two drawers, but as we were finishing off the bottom two drawers (those had handles) I liked how the original hardware was looking…

I decided to nix the crystal knobs and use ALL original hardware.

However, as I was putting it all back together I decided I wanted the crystal back

I was so excited when I got the thought ‘Hey, take that backing plate off the handle and use it with the crystal knob!’

It worked!  How perfectly perfect!

We painted, then we distressed a bit, then I figured out the hardware…. Lastly I added a few stencil hightlights – on top and on the upper drawers, using Simply White – then it was time to seal it up

I LOVE LOVE LOVE  my CeCe Clear Wax.   It isn’t too thick or too thin,  it just glides on like butter, and a pint goes a long way.   Simply brush it on, and wipe off the excess

You can see where the wax is going – it makes the finish look wet – a quick and easy step, but necessary for sealing and protecting your finish-

No, I don’t use the fancy brushes to apply my wax – I love my chip brushes and find they do an excellent job getting that wax on –   wax on, wax off!

did I mention it’s quick and easy?

I brush on the wax, then lightly wipe off any excess. Within a few hours you can get a nice sheen on your finish – just wipe with a soft cloth or even a paper towel..

The end result-

We have quarts and samplers of  Simply White, Portland Rose and pints and samplers  of Clear Wax in stock at our retail studio.  You can also visit my online store for paints, topcoats, brushes…

ARE YOU READY TO GET your CECE paint on?

Of course you are!   My online store will cover all your needs – the best DIY paints on the market in a variety of container sizes including samplers,   rollers, brushes,  even custom sample wood squares created just how you request.

If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.

9 responses to “CeCe Caldwell’s Clear Wax IS EASY PEASY, and Pretty In Pink

  1. Can you use the wax over reclaim painted cabinets?

  2. not sure what purpose it would serve. the wax is nice cuz it soaks into the paint layer and makes it stronger – the reclaim already has a built in sealer so me personally i wont grab a wax to go over that…

  3. Beautiful work!! I love it! Where do you get your stencils?

  4. i just painted and applied the clear wax to a table, I didn’t know how I should clean the brush I used to apply the clear wax. Can you give me some insight please.
    Thanks. BTW I love the peace you did !

    • I use laundry detergent – i have a pump bottle that i get from Target that i keep on the tub ledge at the store – its what CeCe suggested for getting the oils out of the brush – they are all natural, not solvent based, so dont use thinners or anything like that…..

  5. I must be really tired…. I meant I love the “piece” you did in this post.
    Peace… : )

  6. 🙂 I loved that desk – it sold and I need another Portland Rose piece in the house…

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