Caromal Colours And Ce Ce Caldwell Paints – Workshop Results

Last night I enjoyed a lovely group of women for a workshop – a workshop where we use a variety of the best paints on the market – DIY finishing paints I call them – that make refinishing FUN and EASY.

Yes,  Behr or Sherwin Williams paint is DIY, but it’s just paint.   And those paints become not-so-friendly when you want to , say  repaint a piece of furniture, or refinish a surface like metal or plastic.  We want EASY – no sanding, stripping or priming – but we want pretty finishes – not just a latex paint look.   And just as important, we want our new finish to stay put, right?

Look no further – the mother ship has arrived , with an arsenal of yummy paints to allow you to do just that,  and it has the letters


Caromal Colours and CeCe Caldwell

written all over it.  

I wish I’d have taken before photos –  it was so crazy last night I didn’t get a chance, but I can share what they accomplished – in 3 hours…

This was an old beat up oak honey chair.    She used Caromal Colours  – Pumpkin, Mustard for the buried stencil, chipping creme, and Peppercorn over top

Caromal Colours Toner brushed on and wiped off (still wet).    Do the love dance…

This was one of those plastic grey looking planters…  Caromal Colours Cobblestone over Chocolate (chipping creme in middle) , and Toner

How’s that for an old world pot?

A metallic finish,  and no one teaches a finer one than myself 🙂    Caromal Colours base,  Modern Masters metallics

and Caromal Toner

A pretty little topper,   an added benefit of a Workshop at Fabulous Finishes.    I’ll help you think outside the box,  to create that absolutely perfect finish that you won’t find anywhere else…

Isn’t this just lovely?  Everything you need is available at our store to create these lovely finishes, including this damask stencil.

If you’re local to Detroit, and want to learn this metallic finish,  there is a workshop scheduled this evening at 530pm on Metallic Finishes and Gilding with Leaf –  check our workshop page for details and give us a call – there’s still time –  next one isn’t until August

A Ce Ce Caldwell Chalk and Mineral paint creation –  using Traverse City Cherry,  Mesa Sunset,  and Light Aging Wax

That fun stencil was done with CeCe Santa Fe Turquoise,  CeCe Spring Hill Green and CeCe Vermont Slate

Love the reveal of the Cherry underneath,  easily accomplished with a swipe of wet rag

Two dollar plastic planters,  totally given a new look with Caromal Cobblestone, Parchment and some Toner

and who doesn’t have an old brass lamp waiting for a new finish?

ARE YOU READY TO GET your C C  paint on?

Ce Ce Caldwell paints are here!

Caromal Colours Paints are here!

Of course you are!  If you’re in the Metro Detroit area, come check us out – we’re open Tuesday – Saturdays, and have in stock all  the products and tools you’ll need to create lovely finishes like these.  While you’re here check out our workshop schedule.

Otherwise, our online store  will cover all your needs – the best DIY paints on the market in a variety of container sizes including samplers,   rollers, brushes,  even custom sample wood squares created just how you request.

If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.


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