Ce Ce Caldwell Random Photos – Cleaning The Camera…

Trying to clean off my camera card.

This post is dedicated to my CeCe Caldwell Paint line…

Vermont Slate over Kissimmee Orange cracked with glue

Destin Gulf over Main Harbor Blue on left, Pittsburgh Grey over Maine Harbor Blue right, wiped back with wet rag

Georgia Clay over Maine Harbor Blue, cracked with some glue

Aging Light Wax

Aging Dark Wax

Main Harbor Blue

Vintage White over Vermont Slate, wiped back

This one gets alot of looks – Memphis Blue over Silver Metallic, cracked with glue

Simply White over Blue Sky Montana, cracked with glue

Love this one – Traverse Cit Cherry over Santa Fe Turquoise, cracked with glue and wiped back with wet rag

Texas Prairie with Light Aging Wax left, Dark Aging Wax Right

California Gold over Vermont Slate with Dark Aging WAx

Mississippi Mud over Vermont Slate with Dark WAx

Pinkerton Violet over Hershey Brown with Dark Wax

CeCe colors raw… display case is Mississippi Mud with Dark Wax

Santa Fe Turquoise

Top left Kentucky Mint under Portland Rose, right, Kentucky Mint with Dark Wax, bottom, Kentucky Mint UN waxed

Top left Cinco Bayou Moss under Vermont Slate, right Cinco under Memphis Blue, Bottom Cinco UN waxed

Left Johnston Daffodil under Portland Rose, middle Johnston Daffodil with Light Aging Wax, right Johnston Daffodil with Clear WAx Bottom Johnston Daffodil UN waxed

Top left Portland Rose with Dark Aging Wax, Middle Portland with Clear Wax, Right Simply White over Portland Rose, Bottom Portland Rose UN waxed

ARE YOU READY TO GET your Ce Ce Caldwell on?

Of course you are!  If you’re in the Metro Detroit area, come check us out – we’re open Tuesday – Saturdays, and have in stock all  the products and tools you’ll need to create lovely finishes like these.  While you’re here check out our workshop schedule.

Otherwise, our online store  will cover all your needs – the best DIY paints on the market in a variety of container sizes including samplers,   rollers, brushes,  even custom sample wood squares created just how you request.

If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.


4 responses to “Ce Ce Caldwell Random Photos – Cleaning The Camera…

  1. If the aging wax is used, do I still need to cover with poly ? I would sure LOVE to skip the poly step on my kitchen cabinets! Thanks for your response !

    • I’d step up my topcoat finish if it was kitchen cabbies – You can use the CeCe Satin Finish that brushes/rolls on, or I also have the Textureline Satin Wax, equally durable, but wipes on with damp sponge – for those that dont like brush/rolling. I’ve used the poly as well, so sounds like you got it covered. As far as using the aging waxes to age – what about a glaze, then poly? The aging waxes take longer to dry – I’d be worried about putting a finish OVER that…

  2. Thanks so much for your speedy reply ! My only problem with adding any finish coats on anything I refinish is I prefer the “flat” look, a more aged and rustic/primitive look. Since I haven’t yet tried your line of satin finishes, I will be sure to check them out. We are still packing and moving to the home that I will be applying MY touch to so I won’t be starting the process yet. Being as I have to “think out” EVERY step before starting, I am still at that step. I’ve been told by those near and dear to me that I am anal but that’s ok as I like to do the work once and learn from others experiences !
    Your avid follower,

    • Ahhhh, the flat look! I like that too – the aging waxes will give you more natural finish than the satin which will have some shine to it – whenever you’re ready let me know – we could always do up a few samples with different topcoats on it so you can have a visual. I have a Zero Gloss Varnish that is nice too… Good luck in your move –

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