An Antique Sideboard – Vintage White, Featuring CeCe Caldwell… Part I

It started with my search for a buffet

I was drawn to it…    had to have it.   Only catch was it also came with this

and six of these

and two side panels that stow directly under the table top

I will admit I wasn’t crazy thrilled about painting the table and chairs,  after all the table was huge and six chairs?   Ugh.   But I wanted that buffet, so I bought the whole set.

I wasn’t quite sure where I was going to go with the buffet… I wanted it rich, romantic,  neutral enough that it would appeal to many clients.  I didn’t expect it to sell with the table and chairs – it’s such a pretty piece I could see it used in a foyer,  a living room, great room, sun room, hallway, bedroom – right?

My original plan went like this –  paint the body CeCe Caldwell’s Vintage White Mineral/Clay/Chalk based paint

and rub it back so some of the original finish would show through,  and paint the top CeCe Pittsburgh Gray

One of the reasons CeCe Caldwell paints are a must have for painting projects?  You simply start with a clean piece of furniture, open your can, and begin!  No sanding, stripping or priming is required – CeCe paints stick to nearly any surface,  and the coverage is grand – I started with a nearly empty can of Pitts Gray, painted the top, and STILL had nearly an empty can

I started to paint Vintage White and used the PG (Pittsburgh Gray) on the raised door panels

As the paint dries it lightens up, but the color will darken once it’s sealed.  I wasn’t sure I liked the gray on the raised panel…  I stopped painting the base and focused on where I wanted to go with that.  That’s a downfall to my jumpy artsy kindof brain – it frequently takes me off course instead of  letting me focus on finishing one thing at a time.

I mixed some Slate Grey Stonewash Pigment into my CeCe Clear Wax, and started to age the door panel.   I wanted to soften the Vintage White color,  and the grey was the perfect choice to tie the piece to the table/chairs (the chair fabric  I chose was a soft grey)  if someone chose to purchase the whole set.   Brush it on, wipe it back

I liked the Vintage White aged with the tinted grey wax, but I still didn’t like the gray panels, or the gray top…

I decided to paint a dark brown over the top.  The CeCe Hershey Brown (soon to be renamed due to trademark) was too red, I wanted a dirtier brown, so I mixed the Hershey Brown

with CeCe Springhill Green

I  painted over the Pittsburgh Gray top with the custom brown, and wiped back to distress

I liked that MUCH better…

but the gray panel still bugged me.

So I changed it

YES,  now I love it!

A perfect fit, brown and grey…

Yes, this piece was beautiful in its original state, but it’s finish was wearing and would have needed a restoration…

I feel there’s more than one way to restore 🙂

This beautiful buffet has many years left to serve the perfect home…

Available for purchase,  $1175   Dimensions  66″ wide, 39″ high, 21″ deep

One of a kind, when it’s gone it’s gone!

Coming tomorrow,  Part II  the table and chairs (also available)

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2 responses to “An Antique Sideboard – Vintage White, Featuring CeCe Caldwell… Part I

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  2. I am like your pics.., this would not fit my style most of the time, but I know of a few pieces right off hand that I would love to gild. I love all of the colours, but I think I’m going to go with the Gold as my fave…for now.

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