An Antique Trestle Table and Chairs – CeCe Caldwell Vintage White Part II

… and along came the table and chairs

I shared the accompanying buffet story in my last post,  a CeCe Vintage White, aged with a  Slate Grey tinted wax

The table and chairs I wanted to finish a little different.  I still wanted to use the Vintage White, but chose a clear wax instead of the grey –  this way it would be light and bright and fresh, perfect for a big kitchen nook or dining room.     One King’s chair

My mom came to help with this one… here she is  painting the first coat of CeCe Vintage White.   Chairs require patience you need to get into every crook and cranny, and check every angle

making sure all your surfaces are covered,  no drip marks

I didn’t take photos of the table in progress,  I was too wrapped up in the painting )    Clean your surface, let dry, then begin painting!  Two coats usually does it with the Vintage White over a medium tone grain.   When your piece is covered, you can light sand – light sanding will knock out any imperfections you might have,  and it makes your surface feel yummy.  You can also take a wet rag and wipe your finish -this will reveal some of your original color underneath.    I used both distressing techniques on this set

When my piece is dry, and sanded, i can apply a topcoat –  I like CeCe’s Clear Wax but I prefer her magical CeCe Satin Finish for surfaces requiring a little more durability

What a great table – it has 2 leaves that stow right under the main panel.

So elegant, and neutral, and perfect, and just right…

It was well received at the Utica Antique Market last week –

Antique Trestle Table and Six Chairs –  now available for purchase.  Contact us for more information

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5 responses to “An Antique Trestle Table and Chairs – CeCe Caldwell Vintage White Part II

  1. Love this! I just finshed my projects with the paint I bought from you. Would love to show you pictures but didn’t see where I could download. Well anyway I will be ordering more paint soon. Thanks

  2. Thank you Carol, it just sold yesterday – I’m so tickled, I have another table/chairs to do so now I’ll have room! Please send photos to my fabfinisher at gmail address – i’d love to see them and share with others!

  3. Renovation of old and antique furniture is a good option to make them prepared for reusing them again. The description given above will help me throwing some renovating ideas.

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