My CeCe Caldwell Paint Video Debut – Michigan Pine and Nantucket Spray

Here we go again with videos 🙂

My last one was several years ago,  over 9 minutes long, painting Caromal Colours over laminate!  My kids  taped that one and we have joked many time about the amateur quality.  But THIS one isn’t about painting laminate…

This one is about taking a piece of furniture

and giving it a brand new look…

using a wonderful DIY product called CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay Paint.  DIY meaning  no sanding, no stripping, no priming  –  it’s as easy as cleaning your old piece, picking your favorite colors, and dipping a paint brush!

Start with Michigan Pine

some Elmers Glue, and Nantucket Spray

Top it off with CeCe’s fabulous Aging Waxes, both Light and Dark,  and you get this

Seems too simple right?

Hard to believe?

Watch for yourself –

I hope you enjoyed the show!  I am blessed to have found a wonderful videographer, Mindy,  who will be assisting me with all my video needs.  I get so many requests for visual how to’s and sometimes play by play photos just don’t cut it.   Coming soon

  • Painting laminate/formica  counters
  • That cool hide texture finish I’ve been doing on furniture tops
  • Focus on distressing/wiping down the CeCe paint finishes

ARE YOU READY TO GET your paint on?

Our online store  will cover all your needs – the best DIY paints on the market  –  CeCe Caldwell,  Caromal Colours, Textureline,   waxes, topcoats, powder pigments,  metallic paints, glazes…   in a variety of container sizes including samplers!  We offer rollers, brushes,  even custom sample wood squares created just how you request.

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9 responses to “My CeCe Caldwell Paint Video Debut – Michigan Pine and Nantucket Spray

  1. Debbie Gilbert

    Patty, just beautiful and those knob pulls are perfect!

  2. Can’t wait for the formica counter video! And an unrelated question — can any of your paints be used on floors? Thanks!

    • all of them Kim 🙂 I have the textured basecoat rolled (2 coats) on the studio bathroom laminate but havent had a chance to use the CeCe , the rest of my studio is blah carpet.

  3. Love the little dresser, but I am confused:)
    Did you just apply a small amount of glue in certain places or did you apply it all over the dresser?
    When did you apply the nantucket spray, before or after the glue??

    • Faye, you can apply the glue wherever you want to crackle your piece… I brushed it just here and there on the drawers, so you can see how its just random there , but on the top i brushed the whole surface. The pine was first, one layer brush on let dry. then brush on glue where you want it to crack, and when glue is WET brush over it with nantucket spray.

  4. MOST excellent, Patty! Love your high speed shake method, LOL!! I haven’t met Mindy, but she did an excellent job…great editing!

  5. This is perfect timing for me! I just painted a set of cabinets I. young Kansas Wheat and with the lighting, it looks solid grey, not the color I was going for at all! Instead of starting over, I am inspired to crackle them with Mississippi Mud. If I want a finer crack than the piece you did, will thinning the glue work or will that just wash out my base color?

    • wow, YKW looks grey? hmm… mississippi mud is lovely – if you want fine crackle use thinner layer of glue – not sure about adding water, i know alot do but i dont…. i know if you stipple your glue on you’ll get more square crackle than longer wide linear ones – practice on a sample cardboard first… wonder if a glaze would warm up your ykw?

      • I think it’s the lighting in the foyer because the sample I did was on the same wood (We saved a couple of drawers from a remodel) and in the kitchen, it’s a taupe/grey. In the foyer, it’s pearl grey. It’s kinda growing on me, but not the color I had envisioned at all. I have the MS Mud and some dark aging wax coming. I already have a can of Satin Finish, so when it all arrives I’ll start doing up samples. Thanks for the info. I’m taking photos and will send them as soon as I can beg my children to help me figure out that technology. 🙂

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