Using Powder Pigments in Wax To Get An Array Of Finish Color Options…

My two all time favorite lines of furniture/cabinet friendly paints – by that I mean no sanding, no stripping, no priming –  are Caromal Colours paints

and Ce Ce Caldwell Chalk and Clay paints

When I topcoat these finishes I have a variety of choices – typically I’ll use the Minwax Wipe-on poly for my  Caromal textured basecoat paint finishes (more durablity)

or a wax topcoat for a furniture finish – Liberon is nice

or cross lines and use Ce Ce Caldwell’s Clear Wax, which can be tinted (bingo – reason for this post)

Ce Ce Caldwell offers great topcoat options – a Satin Finish (cut with up to 50% water) brushed on will give you an instant satin sheen and maximum durability.  I brush it on with my chip brush

  They also offer 2 waxes – a CLEAR wax and an AGING wax.   The CLEAR wax is my favorite – it glides on super easy (I apply with my chip brush),  you wipe off the excess, wait a couple hours for it to dry, and buff it to a  nice furniture sheen with a cloth, even paper towel

The aging wax comes in a light and dark

and will change your original paint color to a richer version – here we have Traverse City Cherry and Dark Wax

The Aging Waxes are lovely, I especially like the Dark,  but they do take quite a bit longer to dry.  And, they only offer you two colors of aging.

An option?   Start with Ce Ce’s Clear Wax and use it for all your finishing needs…   How?

Tint it!

with powder pigments 🙂

Powder pigments are mineral oxides  that are UV stable and easy to use.

Twelve available colors,  we sell them in 4 ounce pots  (packed by weight) ($9.95) and  16 ounce containers (packed by weight) ($19.95).  The best thing about these pigments?  A little goes a long way –  a smaller container can get you multiple, multiple furniture pieces.   A 4 ounce size container would be enough for a full kitchen and then some.   The 16 ounce containers would appeal to full time finishers that will store and use for future projects.

We also offer a Sampler Kit, a 4 ounce samplers of all 12 powder pigments, for $89.95 – a great investment for the finisher that wants limitless options in finish colors-

So how’s it work?   This display, below defines all 12 pigment colors, finger swatch across the top

then down the side is listed 4 colors – Ce Ce Simply White,  Ce  Ce Vintage White,  Ce Ce Texas Praire and Ce Ce Georga Clay, which are painted in bands across he whole board

each column is represented by CeCe Clear Wax, tinted to one of the 12 colors,  brushed on each color and wiped off.  You can click on each picture to blow it up full screen, that will allow you to see how each color changes with each tint

The process is pretty simple –  mix equal parts denatured alcohol (can use vodka too) with equal pigment, to make a thicker paste, then fold it into  your Ce Ce Clear WAx

When you have it mixed up, fold it into your wax and mix good.   You can make your wax as strong or subtle as you choose –   just test your color and add slowly until you’re where

There is my Gray pigment, mixed into my Natural Finish –

You can test your color on a sample before you being,  I  add pigment slowly until I get the strength I want.  Below is a sideboard I finished – this shows Pittsburgh Gray and Vintage White. I am brushing  Gray Clear Wax over top.  Brush it on, wipe it off

Don’t be surprised if you find a mystery present in your online or store order –  we will be including,with shipments that order Ce Ce’s Clear wax,  a sampling of a Powder Pigment color and Recipe Card.   How fun is that?

Happy Painting!

ARE YOU READY TO GET your paint on?

Our online store  will cover all your needs – the best DIY paints on the market  –  CeCe Caldwell,  Caromal Colours, Textureline,   waxes, topcoats, powder pigments,  metallic paints, glazes…   in a variety of container sizes including samplers!  We offer rollers, brushes,  even custom sample wood squares created just how you request.

Check us out,   click on the  store button below

We are linking up to Funky Junk Interiors  Saturday Night Special!  If you want more creative tips, head her way – her blog is fabulous!

and Tatertots and Jello, a DIY decorating and crafts blog


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  1. Very, VERY helpful tutorial, Patty!!!

  2. Free samples?! Yippee!

  3. U r the best!

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