Tonya Makes Over A Pair Of Tables With No Sanding No Stripping Paints!

Paints made easy, that’s what it’s all about.  That’s when painting really becomes fun.  That’s when you get excited seeing a chair sitting on the side of the road 🙂     Grab that chair,  give it a good clean,  pick your colors, and START PAINTING!

Tonya shared TWO projects – the first was this table,  before

and the after

Tonya used

  1. Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Chocolate layer 1, stippled and brushed
  2. Caromal Colours Chipping Creme layer 2
  3. Caromal Colours Parchment layer 3, brushed to cover
  4. sand to distress
  5. Brush on Caromal Colours Glaze


Her second one was a table she finished using Cece paint with Modern Masters silver over

What a pretty piece!  I love the stencil as well,   thank you so much for sharing Tonya!

It’s a perfect month to be playing with paint!

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3 responses to “Tonya Makes Over A Pair Of Tables With No Sanding No Stripping Paints!

  1. Debbie Gilbert

    Oh Patty – they are beautiful! That second one for the bathroom is just “perfect”!!!

  2. Thank you, Debbie! The paints are amazing. They are so easy to use. I want to do everything in my house! I have become addicted. Thank you, Patty for carrying them and explaining how they work. I love this site I am a daily follower! : )

  3. This indeed is a fabulous finish. I love both make overs specially the stenciled one. And no paint stripping needed!

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