Two Pies, One CeCe Caldwell, One Caromal Colours…

I picked these up last week at an estate sale,  two functional pie cabinets.  They are perfect storage cabinets for tight areas, like back hallways, pantries, laundry rooms….     This photo shows my first layers applied – I couldn’t wait with the paints-

Left cabinet first coat Caromal Textured Basecoat Peppercorn stippled heavy, then a coat of Chipping Creme
Right cabinet first coat Caromal Textured Basecoat Chocolate , brushed kinda heavy

Let’s start with the left cabinet,   brushed with Caromal Textured Baseocoat Peppercorn in a stippled heaveier texture.  Then when it dried,   brushed with Caromal Chipping Creme

The Chipping Creme will dry clear.  Over the chipping creme I brushed a layer of Caromal Textured Mustard, not super heavy,  just brushed on enough to cover the basecoat… then I sanded the crap out of it…

After you sand you can apply a Toner,  or Glaze,  right away…. I used the Caromal Toner  which is my favorite go-to product  over Caromal Textured Basecoats that are ‘colored’

Brush on, wipe off with old towel rag…. what a difference!

Seriously, brush on and wipe off!


Don’t be afraid,  it really is this easy!

So many color comb0s, which will you choose?

The right cabinet was based in Caromal textured basecoat chocolate…then a  dry brushcoat of Ce Ce Blue Montana Sky… what a great color, it covers fabulously in one coat…

When the blue was dry I took some Textureline Texturebase neutral, and tinted it with the Textureline  Yellow Oxide Powder Pigment (mix with water first), then bladed it through a stencil by Caromal called Cherry Blossom

Let that dry,  and over top brush Ce Ce Springhill Green.  When dry sand it good

sanded with a 120-150 grit sand paper to reveal the under colors…

When the sanding was done, I grabbed the CeCe Dark Aging Wax and went to town.  The Aging Waxes brush on (I use my same cheap chip brush)  and wipe back as you go  (I use a dry terry rag) …

You can see the difference from the top and base,  the Aging Dark Wax really ages the finish –

Love the layering of colors….  love it all!

PIE anyone?

You won’t find a pie in there , I stink at baking… but if you want me to paint one….

It’s a perfect month to be playing with paint

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2 responses to “Two Pies, One CeCe Caldwell, One Caromal Colours…

  1. Karen Hazlewood

    WOW~OH MY! I love the Mustard cabinet. It woulld go so well with my other Prims. I’ll have to try this one. I have been working on my first project today. An old chest of drawers in formica (ugly) Now Peppercorn is drying on it & I will put the drawers back in tomorrow, add the knobs & take photos for the “After”. I just love this stuff! I’m seriously hooked! I too have a growing pile of projects.

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