CeCe Pittsburgh Gray, And A Spring Hill Green Inside Suprise!

Another customer’s been busy –  I dont’ have a before of this piece – doesn’t it have just gorgeous bones? –  but check out the after:

I painted this cabinet to coordinate with a wall color. Time for something new…

CeCe Pittsburgh wth a top of clear wax. Painted original hardware.  Needed some punch, so I painted the inside Springhill Green…

I love love love that!  That piece needs a sign that says


Thanks for sharing, Jackie  – I’m certain you’re piece will inspire others!

It’s a perfect month to be playing with paint

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3 responses to “CeCe Pittsburgh Gray, And A Spring Hill Green Inside Suprise!

  1. Great color combination, Jackie. The white is a perfect touch. I love receiving these posts that show how creative one can be with these paints. Where can I find springhill green? it is exactly what I need for the inside of my kitchen cabinets. Phyllis

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