A Vintage Chest Dressed In CeCe Rose and Swarovski Crystals

A pretty piece

Some would say “Why paint?”    For me,  I start with pieces that are good quality,  with nice lines, and try to give them a more current look that will interest my clients.  This chest is beautiful, but my customers will say

the color doesn’t work for me…

A feminine looking chest, I could see this in a young girl’s room, or a  guest room needing extra storage.  I painted a student desk a few months ago using CeCe Simply White and CeCe Portland Rose

I loved it’s presence in my store but it sold quick.    This store display is also dressed in CeCe Portland Rose (with a Simply White damask  stencil design)

That decided it.   I cleaned the chest and painted the first coat CeCe Caldwell Simply White,  when dry a second coat using CeCe Portland Rose

I lightly sanded my flat surfaces –   I usually use 150-220 grit sand paper,  you don’t have to sand but I always do – I like how it makes my finish look more refined (and it feels smoother).   After I light sanded, I took a wet rag and wiped my edges and areas that I wanted more ‘reveal’ –  see how the first color (white) is coming through the second (rose)?

I switched out the top knobs with a crystal version, the metal married up with the original hardware, but I didn’t like how stark the original hardware was

Like this little peek-a-poo compartment?

We put brown velvet inside, and added a small mirror

I removed the unattractive wheels and replaced them with crystal knobs that fit perfectly.  I didn’t glue them in,  instead I will remove them when the piece sells, and they can be re-inserted (into the existing holes) when it reaches it’s final destination.  They are dainty after all.

Back to the hardware,  I decided to dry brush the white on the handles, to soften them, and glued a Swarovski crystal on each center to tie them into the knobs I added

I loved that touch


See that lovely finish sheen?

It comes from the most fabulous wax on the market – okey I’m partial, but I’m serious! –  CeCe’s Clear Wax.    One coat, brushed on with a simple chip brush and buffed with a soft cloth several hours later,  this wax is 100%  GREEN!  Free of any nastiness and even better, there is  no smell.

I named her Rose and she is available for purchase 🙂

ready to get your paint on?

Our online store  will cover all your needs – the best DIY paints on the market  –  CeCe Caldwell,  Caromal Colours, Textureline,   waxes, topcoats, powder pigments,  metallic paints, glazes,  in a variety of container sizes including samplers.   We offer rollers, brushes,  even custom sample wood squares created just how you request.

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2 responses to “A Vintage Chest Dressed In CeCe Rose and Swarovski Crystals

  1. I just found your website, I love what you do with furniture, especially all the little details. It’s very inspiring:)
    I’m in Canada, I wish shipping was faster and cheaper, I’d love to try your products. Will keep on browsing…Check out my website if you will: mariepierreayoul.com

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