A Little Stenciling On Top…

Do you ever paint a piece of furniture and feel like it’s missing something?   Sometimes more than one color takes care of it…

CeCe Vintage White over Mesa Sunset, aged and distressed

Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats, several colors applied wet into wet to create a shabby weathered finish (Bayberry, Putty and Wisteria)

or adding a little crackle

CeCe Caldwell Smoky Mountain Gray crackled over Caromal Colours Reclaim Licorice, aged with Liberon Wax. LOVE this combo!

Even think about adding a stencil?   This was a piece my friend Kathy painted at the store-  too beautiful NOT to share

a simple all over damask stencil,  Kathy used the CeCe Caldwell Young Kansas Wheat, over soft Dover White.  The YKW is also on the sides of the piece

CeCe Caldwell Young Kansas White and Dover White,  Pearl Mica added to the CeCe Clear Wax

Can you imagine that chest with no stencil?  It wouldn’t be nearly as striking…

A little pop of color

Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Peppercorn, stenciled with Caromal Colours Parchment custom tinted to lime green

This one wasn’t a ‘little bit’ of stenciling, it was a lot, but what an impact

Metallic silver base, metallic bronze stencil, Aurastone epoxy top

This one I sandwiched in the middle of two layers,  and used a thicker material so it would be more dimensional

CeCe Caldwell SpringHill over CeCe Blue Montana Sky with a stencil buried in the middle. Stenciled using tetxureline’s tetxurebase neutral plaster  tinted with yellow oxide pigment.

Number stencils here to redefine a piano bench as a youth desk

CeCe Caldwell Traverse City Cherry, Blue Montana Sky and Maine Harbor Blue. Stenciled in CeCe Simply White.  Topcoated with CeCe Satin Finish.

A script stencil in metallic creates a fabulous finish to this 1970’s Formica stack table

Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Wisteria, gold metallic, and crackled with CeCe Simply White.

When I painted this accent table I struggled to find the perfect LID…  I settled with a mix of the base colors, making the CeCe Destin Gulf Green more prominent

but a few days later I decided it wasn’t working for me.  I painted over it with the Cottonwood, aged it with CeCe wax and some Caromal Toner, then topped it with a stencil (also in Toner)

CeCe Cottonwood Sienna over Destin Gulf Green, CeCe Aging Wax, Caromal Colours Toner.

all better!    This chair got a checkered seat –  and some golf leafed legs!

Now how fun is that?   One of a kind …

Ce Ce Caldwell Sedona Red and Smoky Mountain Gray stripes, Spring Hill Green runs, Caromal Colours Gold Leaf legs, Caromal Colours Reclaim Licorice and Offwhite checkers.

Force yourself to think outside your save zone…   three little sample pots of CeCe Caldwell, and enough Caromal Colours Toner to stencil with, and you could do a small chest in this finish!

Traverse City Cherry, Springhill Green and Santa Fe Turquoise. Stenciled with Caromal Colours Toner.

Even my son got involved –  he recently painted a piece just for fun, layering color, and decided he wanted to add a stencil

CeCe Seattle Mist over Mesa Sunset, stenciled with Textureline texturebase neutral tinted to teal, topped with CeCe Aging Wax.

Of course, when he wasn’t looking I added a swarovski crystal to the center, can you see it?   I’m making it my trademark – if you buy a piece from me look for the sparkle…

Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Chocolate over Putty (chippign creme in middle). Stencil in Putty, aged with Toner.

This month I’ll be showcasing new stencil designs that will be available in our store as well as our online store

Caromal Colours Textured Base Parchment over Colonial Blue with embedded stencil in Wisteria. Aged with Toner.

Do you have a project in mind?  You can find more inspiration and ideas, just head to my Categories section where you can search for specifics.

are you ready to play with paint?

Our online store  will cover all your needs – the best DIY paints on the market  –  CeCe Caldwell,  Caromal Colours, Textureline,   waxes, topcoats, powder pigments,  metallic paints, glazes,  in a variety of container sizes including samplers.   We offer rollers, brushes,  even custom sample wood squares created just how you request.

Check us out,   click on the  store button below

Happy Painting!

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17 responses to “A Little Stenciling On Top…

  1. That stenciled dresser is just gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Can you tell me where to find the damask stencil that you used for the dresser? It’s beautiful!

    • hi Leah, that damask stencil was from Andreae Designs, a local stencil company several years ago when i was doing faux wall finishes. they no longer are in business, though i know she had good intentions to revamp her stencil company….

  3. I really like them so much, thank you for showing me.

  4. Where do you get your stencils?

    • Jan, the ones we sell in store I get from different vendors – im not a fan of thinner mylar so we only carry designs on the thicker, and the variety is a result of trying to find designs that our customers will be interested in as well as good price point. Additionally, I have a whole supply of ‘used’ stencils from my faux finishing days – , a number of those designs I dont carry because that mfg is no longer in business – but we do use some of them in our workshops….

  5. Your work is unbelievable! I have been painting, transforming, redesigning, etc. furniture for over 20 yrs and am not easily impressed. But, you have delightfully impressed me and then some!!! Thanks for sharing your fabulous treasures .

  6. could you tell me if you thinned the dark wax with mineral spirit before you used it to stencil .

  7. Natalie Stipe

    Hi.your work is beautiful and beyond! Do you use a stencil repositioning spray? I’m having trouble with my paint bleeding under the stencil and then it’s all a mess! Help! 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Natalie, We don”t use adhesives or tape, though our Caromal Colours stencils do have sticky backings. You might be using too much paint and or a thin stencil. Good Luck

      On Sat, Jun 13, 2015 at 4:45 PM, Fabulously Finished wrote:


  8. I feel so lucky to live near your store and be able to see your beautiful pieces in person. Thanks to your store and knowledgeable staff I was able to purchase paints and stencils and totally redo my kitchen for under $700.00. I painted just about every surface including the floor, cabinets, counters and walls. Looks great and I get a lot of compliments. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. How can I get in touch with yu.. whats yur website please. Thank yu patsi

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