A Nightstand Painted Shabby Romantic…

Why didn’t I take a before?   The before was just kinda eh – boring wood finish.  My original vision was to make it like this dresser I did

My client left it in my hands.   I got it to this

but it wasn’t perfect for me… I loved it, but didn’t think it would be enough for my client,  who was drawn to this door I’d finished

so I kept creating

I used the Caromal Textured Basecoats on this one – building this little stand into a piece with aged dimension…

Putty, some Parchment, Metallics and Glaze – and a teeny bit of custom lime green…

She loved it, except for the green 🙂    Sometimes we create custom and it doesn’t work for the customer.  No worry, I brushed over it with cream and she was good to go.

ARE YOU READY TO GET your paint on?

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2 responses to “A Nightstand Painted Shabby Romantic…

  1. i would love to know the colors used on the door and can you use it on a metal door? Thanks

  2. the doors first coat was textured basecoat colonial blue and bayberry green, brushed on at the same time wet into wet – when that dried i dry brushed a metallic silver over it, then sanded back, then a toner –

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