Paint Made Easy – It’s A Great Thing!

How easy?

Easy enough to attend a 3 hour workshop, carrying in something like this

and leave with something like this

Not only paint made easy, but paint made fun!

Traffic is increasing every day  – people that visit with great paint projects in mind (furniture,  cabinets..)  but lacking confidence and know how to move forward.    It’s thrilling seeing the excitement when they realize they really CAN re purpose their items themselves, and it’s nothing but fun watching them painting their piece at one of our workshops and talking about how it really is easy!

What a great way to learn… a piece of furniture that wasn’t working any more…. figuring out how to give it new life…

 These aren’t paints that take years to get the hang of, these are paints easy enough to use the first time and create something awfully amazing!

The painting is easy, the hardest part will be choosing the color and design – but we’re here to help you with that…

Our showroom offers all sorts of eye candy to help you decide…

Any look/style  we’ve got you covered – from rustic, primitive, country, barnworn,  textured…

to shabby chic, European, vintage, refined, Habersham…

Have a bigger piece?  Attend one of  our all day workshops and tackle it in 6 hours!

CeCe Caldwell Alaskan Tundra with Clear Wax…  and we highlighted the hardware with a champagne metallic –

You can find our current workshop schedule on our workshop page or grab a group of friends and call to set up your own date/time.

If you aren’t local and can’t find any workshops near you, don’t fear – these paints are so easy you can pick up a brush and do it yourself – we include simple instructions with every online paint order.    Read through some of our blog posts, hopefully they will inspire you with color and design ideas.

Head to our online store,   where you will find a full selection of CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay Paints,  Caromal Colours Country Living Paints, Caromal Colours Reclaim  Beyond Paint,  and fun extras like pigments and metallics, brushes and rollers and soon to arriving  Euro Design STENCILS!


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