Loving Sigrid’s Response To Painting Her Cabinets – “It Was Easy”!

Love sharing posts like these – real customers that share how their painting experience went.  This one is even better because Sigrid used a little of both of the DIY paints I carry – Caromal Colours AND CeCe Caldwell!     Whoo Hoo,  are you ready?

First of all, I am a complete groupie. I get excited every time you post a new piece so I can see “what was done this time.”  I refinished my first piece of furniture this weekend – my kids bathroom cabinet. The bathroom needed some color and “pop” after I painted the walls, so I decided to have fun with your paints and techniques.

I included a before photo – it’s actually a different bathroom same furniture and knobs – plain ole oak cabinets.

What I did:

  • Caromal Colours textured basecoat:  Chocolate – I put it on fairly thick, no sanding
  • 2nd coat; CeCe Caldwell Mesa Sunset – thin on base, thick on drawers (laziness) – it only took a sample size to complete
  • I selectively sanded the corners of the drawers and sanded the crap out of the mirror
  • I didn’t have toner and was too impatient to wait and order it, so I used shoe polish and scratch cover-up stain to darken where I sanded to add dimension. It worked although I’m sure the toner would have been easier to apply.

It looked chalky after it dried. I thought – yuck!   But, then I applied the CeCe Clear Wax with a rag and BAM!!

The colors came back to life and I had a marvelous finished looking piece of furniture. Changing the hardware was a great complement to the color of the cabinets.

 All I can say is “I’m thrilled”. “It was easy”. “Watch out kitchen cabinets here I come.”  Keep the ideas coming. I’m soaking them up!    Sigrid

Oh my gosh, I’m thrilled too and now want to do that color combo somewhere!  I’ve used that Mesa Sunset UNDER a creamy color and it was lovely – a perfect selection for you kid’s bathroom.  

What I love?  I love that these paints aren’t just easy, they create really pretty finishes – I think that’s why we are all so giddy after we’re done – it’s like YAY!  YAY!  I really really love it!

We went house shopping yesterday,  getting our feet wet…   visited several model homes – which of course was the WRONG thing to do, so many lovely options – at an ADDED price bump of course!   We  saw other homes that would need updating.    With options like this, it makes looking at the older homes way easier – I KNOW I can work some charm on any old cabinet or built in…

So can you!  If you’re interested in getting your paint on,  head to our online store,  shop.fabfinisher.com   where you will find a full selection of CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay Paints,  Caromal Colours Country Living Paints, Caromal Colours Reclaim  Beyond Paint,  and fun extras like pigments and metallics, brushes and rollers and soon to arrive  Euro Design STENCILS!

What a perfect party to link on to  –


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