CeCe Caldwell Paint Gives New Life To A 1920’s Daybed…

Mariann was kind enough to send before and after photos –

I purchased this 1920’s daybed on Craigslist a few months back.

Wanted to show you my before and after using Cece Caldwell Vintage White on the frame and reupholstering  (did it myself!)

I think it turned out great.   These paints are perfect!   Looks just like an old distressed wood frame.

Thank for all your creative ideas that help us see how easy these paints really are to use!

Mariann  is right, what a transformation,  and having the know how to recover that?  I admire anyone that can do that – I have to pass on pieces that have beautiful bones but involve upholstery.   She told me the paints were definitely the easier part, than the upholstering, but she enjoys doing both.  Thanks for sharing,

LOve it!

Ce Ce Caldwell paints  are so easy to use you can pick up a brush and do it yourself – we include simple instructions with every online paint order.    Read through some of our blog posts, hopefully they will inspire you with color and design ideas.

Head to our online store,  shop.fabfinisher.com   where you will find a full selection of CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay Paints,  Caromal Colours Country Living Paints, Caromal Colours Reclaim  Beyond Paint,  and fun extras like pigments and metallics, brushes and rollers – we even offer stencil designs!


One response to “CeCe Caldwell Paint Gives New Life To A 1920’s Daybed…

  1. totally LOVE that medallion stencil — I’m definitely interested in purchasing that, so please keep me updated — great job on both of those little chests (as well as everything you do! – you are amazing)

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