A Tiered French Provencial Table Transformed With Paint…

Once again, a project started without a good BEFORE photo.  The table was medium brown –  this photo shows the second coat, Ce Ce Caldwell Vintage White, going over the first coat Ce Ce Caldwell Mesa Sunset

I loved the design of this table, feminine and functional, I especially liked how the tops were not perfectly round

These little spindles were not all that fun to paint, especially the insides of them…  but they will be noticed in the end

 After the first layer (Mesa Sunset) dried, I stenciled a medallion design on the top using black texturebase, a thick plaster made by Textureline (can find that in my online store).  I thought it would look cool buried under the Vintage White and distressed back revealing parts of it.   This picture below shows it covered with one coat Vintage White-

When the Vintage White dried I sanded the flat surfaces (I like to do that) and wet wiped edges to reveal the pretty Mesa color.    (I apologize for no play by play photos).

When I’d distressed to my liking, I got out the CeCe Clear Wax, tinted it with black pigment (can find those in my online store), brushed it on and wiped off the excess.  This not only sealed my painted surface but also gave it an aged effect

I love the CeCe Clear Wax – it is so easy to apply,   dries pretty quick so you can buff it to a nice sheen, and tints easy.     By tinting that wax black I sealed AND aged all in one step!

When the tabletop dried I found it to be too stark, the black on creme, so I pulled out Liberon Medium Oak Wax and gave it a quick rub


Love how its so aged looking,  a hint of black  and a hint of brown…  it really compliments the Mesa orange

Like that?   I forgot to mention, after that black plaster dried, I put the stencil back on it and through it brushed some Elmers Glue,  THEN I covered the whole top with Vintage White.   When the white dried over the stencil it lightly cracked – I think if you click on the photo you’ll be able to see it

You know what I find funny, looking back on these photos?  That I totally completed the top of the table before I even went on to the rest 🙂

A pretty finish

Told you you’d notice those spindles 🙂

It found it’s way into a new home last week – yay!

It’s a perfect month to be playing with paint!

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2 responses to “A Tiered French Provencial Table Transformed With Paint…

  1. True Artist at work!!!!!

  2. I love the colour of this table – I’m inspired!

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