A Flowery Chest Gets A Paint Finish – CeCe Smoky Mountain Gray…

The only before of this chest I painted is  peering out from behind a brown credenza

My original intent was to paint it with Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Parchment and softly glaze it.  I need a good example of that on the showroom floor – my last piece sold.    But once the 2 layers of parchment were dry

I wasn’t sure about my choice…  the detailing on the front drawer made me feel like the piece should be more dainty, not just textured parchment

before I even wiped the glaze off the first drawer I knew  I wasn’t going to be happy with my choice

so I wiped it off and changed direction

CeCe Smoky Mountain Gray,  over a little bit of elmers glue here and there, to give me a randomly placed crackling

I love this old hardware but the gold doesn’t work for me –   painted hardware is the bomb!

never sure what direction I’m going until I get there…  I wanted to pull a softness in with this lovely color of blue gray (Smoky Mountain) so I accented it with CeCe Dover White

I LOVE the feet painted Dover – it totally changes the look of this piece don’t you think?

and I changed out the top drawer knobs to crystal balls

I did add a few  Swarovski in the grooved flowers, just a few 🙂

Love how the stencil turned out – it is a large stencil called Traditional Medallion – I got it from Andreae Design Stencils years ago – it that whole image is one stencil, I just layed it on the edge so each corner of it would it both surfaces of the chest.   I used the CeCe Dover White for the stencil to tie in the shading I did on the front

Love love love!   I got ahold of the owner of that stencil line (they are in the midst of revamping their company/offerings) and she said it was $89 and she is checking inventory to see if they have any left.  Its a pattern where you use it 2 times , back to back, to create a medallion design

Can I keep posting pictures of this?  I am so pleased with how it turned out –   you can see the slight crackle effect,  so subtle, just enough…

and see that bit of strie coming through the Smoky Mountain? Thats the textured parchment – even though its brushed on smooth it has the ability to add just a little somethin somethin underneath…   LOVE combo’ing these 2 lines of paint…  and that dressy little shoe,  so dainty!

These paints make it easy to create… just grab some chip brushes, a few colors, a little water, and have at it!

To complete my transformation I sealed my finish with CeCe’s Satin Finish

Check that silver chest out in the background,  same chest different finish!  That one I did a silver finish on – I love them both…

Hurricane Sandy is hitting the states…   we have crazy winds right now in Detroit,  I can’t IMAGINE what the east coast is experiencing.  Stay safe!

Happy Painting!

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11 responses to “A Flowery Chest Gets A Paint Finish – CeCe Smoky Mountain Gray…

  1. You so are so very talented! I wish I lived in your neck of the woods to take your classes. Have a great day!

  2. Patty – just beautiful as ever…..love that Smokey BLue/gray. I like how you shaded the front. I am getting my order together and just going crazy trying to pick a 9 piece sampler. I want to paint a dresser. Take care and keep “getting your paint on”…

    • I love it too, its one of my favorites – loving that dover too… its a nice overcolor for shading, not solid coverage like simply or vintage white… just dropped the price on the 12 pack if you’re having a hard time deciding only nine 🙂

  3. Love this piece! SOOOO pretty!!!!

  4. Really lovely! Patti, what is that purple color on the credenza in front of the before picture? I spent Sandy installing kitchen cabinets I built (in between old, Netflix episodes of Once Upon a Time) and was envisioning facing them with a stencil! and here you are in my email. I, too, wish I were back in MI — but only for your classes. I’m also organizing an order. Can’t stand the wishing anymore! Thanks for your time and encouraging email.

    • lol Christine, that isnt purple it’s the Virginia Chestnut color BEFORE sealing – it takes on a plum cast which throws people when their using it – the VChestnut is a true dark chocolate brown – like baking chocolate. Hope you got through the storm safely – sounds like you kept yourself busy – its the perfect time of year to be working on projects inside, getting ready for the holidays and a new year…. I really like stenciling – its so liberating, and if you’re only using paint to stencil with then you dont really get anything that you CANT paint over later when you tire of it….. I have some nice designs from Maison Stencil but havent loaded then online yet….

  5. totally LOVE that medallion stencil – I’m definitely interested in purchasing that, so please keep me updated – great job on both little chests (as well as everything you do – you are amazing – love your work!!)

  6. Patty, I love it! Went on vacation last week and painted up a storm at my sisters 🙂
    I hope to see you this week!

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