More Workshops Filled With Fabulous Paint Transformations…

We love when it’s workshop night –  we get to watch all kinds of furniture items come into the store and leave hours later looking completely different!

This past Thursday we had a fun group of 8 –

Two pretty accent tables from the Grosse Pointe gals,  applying a first layer of Reclaim Mocha Brown

and a pine box getting a first coat of Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Cobblestone

An old old chair going for  a barnworn finish – first coat Caromal Colours textured basecoat Bayberry

This stool is getting a coat of Caromal Colours Reclaim Mocha too…

Kathy’s working on this original silver finish mirror frame – first coat brushed Caromal Colours Chocolate

This mirror had alot of repairs to hide,  first coat Caromal Colours Chocolate

This one, first coat CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay paint – Simply White

Blow dry, blow dry, blow dry!   I can’t wait for our new studio –  we’ve got some great changes in store, lower work tables, lazy susans for each work station,  dryers hanging down from the rafters …

Slowly applying the silver blend,  these tables are going to be gorgeous!

Snuck in a fun  stencil on the seat using Caromal textured basecoat Wisteria.  Once it dried the whole chair got a coat of Caromal Colours chipping creme-

This stool’s getting silvered too 🙂

The silver mirror that got a coat of Chocolate textured basecoat now gets a layer of CeCe Caldwell Vintage White

a coat of dry brushed gold metallic, over the textured basecoat Chocolate

Two coats of Caromal Colours textured Cobblestone, some sanding to smooth out and distress, almost ready for the Toner glaze…

getting close…

Ce Ce Caldwell Pittsburgh Gray over the Simply White, wiped and sanded back – just needs some clear wax…

Finished box, Caromal textured basecoat Cobblestone with Toner and stencil

what a bomb chair!   Caromal Colours textured basecoat Huckleberry Blue over Bayberry with an embedded stencil in Wisteria

for her cottage…

It was a silver kinda night – silver #1   –   whoo   hooo!

silver #2  –  whoot whoot!

and silver #3     whaaaa  hoooo!

she did a pretty stencil on the seat in bronze…

First mirror transformed – Caromal Chocolate under CeCe Vintage White

sanded and wiped back then sealed with Ce Ce Clear Wax

Mirror #2  Metallic Gold over Caromal Colours textured basecoat Chocolate, toned then highlighted with Metallic Champagne

Ce Ce Pittsburgh Gray over Simply White, sealed with Clear WAx

We’ll call this session a success!

Then Noelle popped in Friday with her table she’d painted CeCe Simply White.  She recently bought a Silhouette vinyl cutting machine – the table had several cuttings adhered to the top…  she was in to buy Ce Ce Pittsburgh Gray so she could paint the top.    I got her to paint it in the store so I could see the results …     She painted one coat of Pitts Gray,  dried it with the blow dryer, then picked the vinyl off to reveal

So sweet…. that white is the Simply White coming through the Pittsburgh Gray…   now I want a cutting machine…

I would end here but go figure, the NEXT DAY,  Saturday,  we had an all day workshop scheduled.  I was going to hold off doing the all day sessions until we move to our larger location, but there was interest so we limited it to 4 attendees.

What a fun day!   The Saturday workshops are $155,  run from 10am – 3pm (sometimes longer) and allows you to bring a larger piece to work on

Audrey came all the way from Chicago!  Here shes painting her drum table using CeCe Caldwell paints – the top was  mix of Virginia Chestnut and Springhill Green, and the base was Cinco Bayou with Dover White over top

Can you believe, first time using these paints?   Love…

Her sister, Chris, is from Kalamazoo… they hooked up and spent a fun productive day together

Chris used Caromal Colours textured basecoat Peppercorn as the first layer on top, and the bottom she used CeCe Caldwell SMoky Mountain Gray

The top got a second coat of CeCe Virginia Chestnut mixed with Springhill Green, and the lower part got a coat of CeCe Dover White over the Smoky Mountain gray.   Here Chris is starting to sand and wipe back to reveal the undercolor…

We had some knots from the pine that creeped through the paint finish, but the sand and wiping back hid well enough…


This piece arrived black…  it’s getting a coat of CeCe Sedona Red first…

Over the red went a coat of Ce Ce Caldwell Vintage White

A stencil over top in CeCe Vermont Slate (mixed with black pigment) and Ce Ce Sedona Red,  then distressing on the piece to get down to the black and red…

Love the color combo, I’ll have to try this on a future piece…

This end table is getting a one layer dragged method of using multiple paint colors at the same time –  Caromal Colours Putty, Chocolate and Parchement…

a more artistic finish,  dragging colors into each other to create an organic look…

The table was on the small size so she also painted  1 layer CeCe Caldwell Paint in Santa Fe Turquoise over this small bench.  When it dried she stenciled the corners using CeCe Sedona Red…

Another great workshop day behind us –  thank you so much for patroning our studio-  I love teaching and sharing, but even more I love watching you all create!

Carrying out furniture like it’s nothing (this thing was not light!)

Road trip back to Chicago, first stop Kalamazoo to help Chris paint her countertops 🙂

Next workshop?  Tomorrow evening –  full house… what will be created?  Stay tuned…

For more information on our workshops and how to sign up,  head here Workshop Info.

Happy Painting!

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12 responses to “More Workshops Filled With Fabulous Paint Transformations…

  1. Love these classes!

  2. Audrey from Chicago

    Great class! Really had a good time, learned lots! 🙂

  3. Everything is just stunning. Living vicariously through you ladies (and I presume gentlemen as well).

  4. Love your painting! You use beautiful stencils; where can I find these?

  5. christineefreeman

    Patty, What exactly is the purpose of chipping cream? And have you started your stencils or are you too busy with your upcoming opening. I’m waiting impatiently! (No surprise. I’m into immediate gratification.:)

    • The chipping creme is used in between two caromal color paints – usually the thicker textured basecoats. i have also used it with Reclaim and it works too – the Caromal paints have wont wipe off with a wet rag when dry, nor are they good for sanding through a top color to get to the other color because they bond to themselves – so the chipping creme creates a barrier that allows you to layer their color then sand back to get as much/as little reveal as you wish. check this post out for how to

      lol, stencils….. well i have a bunch in the store for sale…. ssheeshh….. im sorry, what are you looking for, any clue? i have photos of them all, i could email you…. its on my list, but i need to get into the new store first…

      • christineefreeman

        Thanks. You talk about applying the chipping cream frequently, but never the Why of it.
        I love some on your stencils pictured here, but I’d have to dig the specific ones out. You get yourself moved and open and bustling. Then I’ll find the pics and ask you. Thanks for the explanation and offer! C.

        • Its not a product you need for chalk type paints – those lift off each other effortlessly, that is why you’ll see me combo the lines – kindof a ‘cheat’ version of the Caromal barnworn finishes – if you use Caromal’s thicker textured paint as base you can forgo the chip creme and use a CeCe topper color – and when you sand or wet wipe back you’ll get to that Caromal base. if you tried caromal thick over thick with no chip in the middle you’ll sand away forever and not get much of anything…. its a cool product, the cabinet i’m working on now (blue and cream) is a chipping creme one… i’ll have a post to share on that later this week. 🙂

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