I Started Painting With CeCe, What Do I Do Next?

I wanted to share Denise’s question –

Hi!  I just purchased and applied your Seattle Mist paint to a credenza that I got at a Goodwill store and I LOVE IT!  My question is…What do I need to do next?  Do I sand?  Do I re-apply another coat?  Do I use your wax or stain?  I’m confused.  I don’t want the piece to look too shabby chic (rustic) I want it to look a bit more upscale and classy. …   HELP!!!   Thanks,  Denise

and my response

… When using the CeCe paints,  I like to paint the first coat on , I load my brush pretty good so that it covers nicely, you glide it out as you brush it.   First coat covers good, some people I know just use one coat and finish it off like that,  its your own taste.    I typically do a 2 coat process, I feel I  get solid coverage and a less brushy look that way.   First coat brush on, let dry.   Follow lines of your furniture.   The second coat I keep a bowl of water near by  and when I brush on the paint,  I’ll brush thinner, then dip my brush tips in the water and go BACK into my wet paint to thin it out and move it around more – you’ll see that that little bit of water does wonders – you’ll use very little paint the second layer will go quick.

When it dries I always sand my flat surfaces like top , sides , drawer fronts – try it, with a 220 grit sand paper – it makes it feel smooth like a babes butt…  Some folks DON’T SAND at all…  its personal choice, you don’t HAVE to sand if you are fine with how your finish looks and feels.. but if you want to refine your brush marks/application marks, and knock a fine layer off your finish to have it feel smoother and more polished, then give it a light sand.   Wont take you long at all, that’s the beauty of the chalk clay paints, they sand out with barely any effort.

You can create a solid paint look, very clean and crisp easily,  just don’t sand or wipe down too far – if I want a solid paint finish I’ll just give a little light sand on the tops, sides, drawers then call it a day.  If you DO want a distressed/shabby/rustic looking finish, that’s simple too – you just sand down further until you reach your under color or original finish. A wet rag  will also distress that dry paint – just wipe with a little pressure and you’ll watch your top coat color disappear and reveal your under color – and if you keep wiping you’ll get to your original wood finish.    You can always try a little area and if it looks too shabby to you then pull the paint out and brush back over it .

Once you get your finish the way you want it, you will need to seal it –  CeCe offers 2 awesome topcoats

  1. Clear Wax – scrub it on (you can use same chip brush),  wipe off excess, and then wait 4 or so hours and buff it to a nice furniture sheen.
  2.  Satin Finish –  brush or roll it on, let it dry and voila – a sealed finish with a satin sheen. No buffing required.  You can add up to 40-50% water to thin it and make it easier to apply – I prefer it that way.  The Satin Finish offers a harder finish coat, thus more durability – great for table tops, chairs, cabinets…

Hope this helps, not only Denise, but anyone else with the same question!

Our  online store carries all the CeCe products required to complete this finish, and of course if you’re local to Metro Detroit stop by and we’ll hook you right up at our retail store on Van Dyke Rd in Shelby Township.

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2 responses to “I Started Painting With CeCe, What Do I Do Next?

  1. I’m so glad someone asked. I was wondering the pros and cons of both finishes. I keep thinking wax I’d have to keep … waxing! Or not? Why would you choose one over the other and when? Thank you. (Looking forward to my delivery!) C

    • i love both – the wax is great for sealing, is easy to apply, and buffs to a nice furniture sheen within hours. it also is what i add pigments into when i need to add some warmth. The satin finish is more durable – great for pieces like chairs, tables, cabinets – often, i’ll satin finish the top of something and wax the rest – the sell equally well. oh and, the satin finish is one of the rare topcoats i have that will NOT

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