Our Newest Workshop Painted Creations…

Last night’s workshop was another success,  we had a nice little mix of finishes going,  some CeCe Caldwell,  some Caromal Colours, and a little metallic to dress things up!

Before: Thrift store find, previously painted white…

After: CeCe Springhill Green over CeCe Kentucky Mint, stenciled with metallic bronze, and three new knobs!

… of course we love to stage !!

Before: the frame of a bench…

After: CeCe Caldwell Omaha Ochre, 2 coats, sealed with CeCe Wax.

Before: A paper/blackish kindof original finish –

first coat on this was Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Peppercorn, second coat metallic bronze blend, then Toner to finish it up. The hardware was painted CeCe Santa Fe Turquoise with Liberon Medium Oak.

Before: Drexel Heritage drum table from a thrift store…

After: CeCe Caldwell Dover White over CeCe Cinco Bayou Moss, stenciled with Virginia Chestnut, Cinco and Dover, sealed with Satin Finish

…and new knobs!

Before: wooden mirrored wall unit

After: Caromal Colours Paprika, Chipping Creme, Peppercorn, sanded back and Toned. Hooks done with Parchment.


After: CeCe Caldwell Seattle Mist with a little Young Kanas Wheat washed into it. Sealed with Clear Wax tinted with Black Powder Pigment.

Before: pickled oak hutch panels…  need to take it beachy…

After: CeCe Vintage White, sealed with CeCe Satin Finish then aged with Ce Ce Clear Wax tinted with Slate Gray Pigment and Black Pigment

What a great night!  I loved seeing new finishes in progress, and people truly excited about creating with paint…

Last workshop of 2012 is scheduled for Thursday November 29th at 530pm,  4 spots are left –  don’t miss out!

For more information on our workshops and how to sign up,  head here Workshop Info.

Happy Painting!

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5 responses to “Our Newest Workshop Painted Creations…

  1. Love these classes! Patty is creatively amazing and blessed!

  2. Ok…I want in, i may want 4 spots. I’ll let you know by Sunday! Xo Elisha

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. How do you paint the hardware? I love the look it gives – just not sure how to get there!

    • oh my gosh, its SO easy LISA! make sure its clean then get out your color, paint it, let it dry and wipe it back some, or sand a little, then seal it – painted slightly aged back hardware, I think, adds so much character…

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