Aged CeCe Caldwell Michigan Pine Is Magnificent…

I’ve felt an urgency to use this newer CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay paint color – Michigan Pine – partly because it’s named after my own state (YaY!).  Did you know CeCe’s  36 beautiful colors are based and named after American cities and states across the country?   How fine is that?

The other reason I wanted to try this color was this piece that caught my eye, from Horchow

ScreenHunter_78 Jul. 29 23.27

I knew exactly the piece I wanted to transform


I  cleaned my piece and let the paint fly!  That’s the beauty of our DIY paints, they take away the yucky stuff like sanding and stripping first




Even faster with that Rockstar energy drink!


Once the coat of Michigan Pine was dry,  I brushed over a few areas with CeCe Destin Gulf Green – its a rich teal color…


Can you see it?


When it dried I painted over everything one last time with Michigan Pine – the second coat is a quick and easy coat – I keep a bowl of water handy and periodically dip my brush tips into the water and then continue painting – it really helps that last layer glide around and lay down nicely…

Once the second layer was dry I light sanded the flat areas (something I like to do but isn’t a requirement) and then used a wet rag to wipe back some under areas.

When I got it where I wanted it I sealed it using Liberon Medium Oak Bison Wax.   I love the color of this wax, and the fact that it dries and buffs out really fast.  It is not, however, a green topcoat like the ones CeCe offers.  When I get time I need to decipher what pigment colors I need to mix to get to this color wax…



Done,  CeCe Michigan Pine with a twist of CeCe Destin Gulf Green, aged with Liberon Medium Oak Bison Wax







The color lived up to its name!


Our paints make updating furniture, accessories, cabinets, easy and fun.   Caromal Colours and Ce Ce Caldwell paint offer you EASY and FUN –  these paints sticks to nearly any surface WITHOUT having to first strip or sand or prime.   CeCe Caldwell paints are 100% GREEN –    we love Natural,  Green, Earth Friendly,  Nose friendly,  Made in the USA…

Everything you need can be found at our online store,   a full selection of CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay Paints,  Caromal Colours Country Living Paints, Caromal Colours Reclaim Paint,  and fun extras like pigments and metallics, brushes and rollers …

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9 responses to “Aged CeCe Caldwell Michigan Pine Is Magnificent…

  1. Yet again, simply stunning. Any mid-Atlantic states/cities (or region: Chesapeake) that have been honored with a CeCe paint name?

  2. ‘Preakness Thoroughbred’ – a true black?
    ‘Chesapeake Blue’ – the brilliant color of a blue crab (before it is cooked)?

  3. Gorgeous.

  4. beautiful. It was pretty bad to start out – I was skeptical! Really looks nice.

  5. I have a similar piece, only bigger-wider. Was thinking of green also. Now I know what to do. Will be ordering soon. Love the transformation. Phyllis

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