Painting Purple, CeCe Caldwell Purple!

Yesterday I had a delivery –   this highboy  (minus the purple)

He was a little plain to me.  I didn’t really like him much…

There should be a rule with furniture picking and painting – like first in first out, right?   I had no business painting that just acquired highboy before so many other pieces,  but I did.

Out came the purples –

CeCe Caldwell New Orleans Purple

and Pinkerton Violet

I wasnt’ sure WHAT I was going to do, only that I wanted shades of purple.   I started with the New Orleans, and faded into the Pinkerton Violet, a I needed a deeper shade of purple on the bottom – so I mixed one using some Maine Harbor Blue, a little Traverse City Cherry and a little New Orleans…

then I added some random stencils

I painted the top New Orleans Purple, then the sides dark, then the legs Pinkerton… then switched it several times more

Tried out several knobs…

and decided on the crystal wheel.  I popped off the center crystal and replaced it with a purple swarovski

I dressed the front feet up with silver leaf, which tied in to several very subtle stencils that were done with a silver metallic-

Running out of room to paint, I literally painted it RIGHT where it got dropped off!  Here I’m adding some bling…

A quick brushed on layer of CeCe Clear Wax to seal, and voila!

How ironic,   I remembered I picked up this halloween headband at the grocery store over the weekend.  I saw it on a little toddler in a cart and decided I needed one too 🙂  (my kids thought I was nuts).  Purple goes with


This one of a kind purple piece is available for purchase.  Find it, and more colorful inspiration, and fully stocked shelves of paint made easy – CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay Paint

Head to our online store,   where you will find a full selection of CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay Paints,  Caromal Colours Country Living Paints, Caromal Colours Reclaim  Beyond Paint,  and fun extras like pigments and metallics, brushes and rollers and soon to arriving  Euro Design STENCILS!

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9 responses to “Painting Purple, CeCe Caldwell Purple!

  1. Très joli!

    You have great detail ideas, These silver legs are so …funky?
    Your blog has inspired me to make and paint shelves for my studio, I’ll try and post pictures soon.

  2. Your are such an artist Patty! That dresser is absolutely beautiful… if I lived closer, I would buy in a heartbeat! It is always the “shipping” charges that kill it:( That purple is scrumptious…you have a real gift for painting furniture.

    • thank you! yes, i havent done much in terms of trying to sell on line for that reason – have no clue how to set up the shipping etc – definitely have to adjust down the price some when doing so, to compensate for the shipping costs involved… hopefully it will sell here to a purple lover!

  3. That’s awe inspiring I live in Australia and found you via pintrest
    Wondering if the stencilling is also chalk paint and what you used to bling that stencilling does the paint also come in metallic
    I’m new to the chalk paint discovery!!
    Thanks in advance x

    • hi Nadia, yes, i used the same various cece colors to stencil with , and added just a little water so it wasnt so defined – no the paints are not metallic, one stencil i did i DID use a metallic silver, very lightly because otherwise its too powerful. for bling i buy crystals and then adhere those myself.

  4. You are just so very talented. I love this dresser. I am not a ‘Ravens’ fan, despite being from Baltimore, but this dresser would be quite sought after here in my neck of the woods. It is beautiful!

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